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Monday, December 31, 2012

Frustration with NFS Most Wanted (2005)

I wrote a fairly bi-polar review on the recent title in the Need for Speed series because of the initial impression versus how the game truly played once played for a little while. Since then, I have sold that copy and moved on to playing the older version more and more. The real Most Wanted title that doesn't disappoint and hasn't since it was first produced. While its sequel, Carbon, may not have been a bad game, these two are, arguably, called the greatest games in the NFS series alongside the original Hot Pursuit and Underground 1 & 2.

I enjoyed playing Need for Speed Most Wanted when it came out on my PlayStation Portable simply known as the PSP. However, I didn't buy the game for my console until earlier this year. Much to my surprise, NFS MW was still on the shelf at GameStop for $35. It is rare to find any copies of this game or Carbon in any store or available online because of how valuable the games are.

So I've been playing more and more since buying the game and loving the game just as much as if I bought it new. I've been rising through the ranks, customizing my cars, buying new cars, unlocking territory...all the good stuff the newer, blasphemous title doesn't have. Tonight, I felt like hopping online to play against some people with my cars but was shocked to get the error saying "Attention EA servers are currently experiencing problems. Please try again later."

I Binged the error to see what was the problem and came up with this website saying that EA had shut down the servers back in 2011. I read through the comments to find that I wasn't alone. That many more gamers enjoyed playing this game. Others even expressed outrage that EA would continue to allow the game to be sold without warning gamers that the online wasn't available or without simply removing the game from being resold. Some even said that they bought it in digital format expecting to play online to read this same message.

For those playing on PCs, an option has been made that allows players to play with others however I have yet to see something like this for console gamers. Anyone out there know any methods for us? I really enjoyed playing this game, don't want any of the new NFS titles, and want to play online on my 360. This is what I'd expect of EA though. Probably not enough people buying the newer NFS titles.

Saturday Night Live Review

I figure that some of what is covered on this blog covers the same area of entertainment so I figured that I wouldn't be overstepping my boundaries by reviewing a television show.

Over the holiday weekend, before Christmas, my family turned on the television and we saw a sketch from Saturday Night Live. My mom held the remote and my dad were both watching it. I was sitting on the couch, every once in a while glancing up at the television but more interested in my Nintendo 3DS. I overheard my mom and dad watching it quietly; not a sound or peep was made through the entire two sketches until my mom asked, "Should I change it?" And they changed it. I turned on the television last Saturday and flipped through all of the channels before landing back on SNL. I'd watched it before but never found anything funny. I decided that I'd give it one last shot and sit and watch an entire 15 minutes of the show. Like my parents, not a single sound was made while watching the show. I didn't giggle, didn't laugh, didn't even smile. Sometimes, while watching something that is utter crap like Death Racers made by the guys behind Insane Clown Posse, I actually do laugh at how terrible it is but SNL was just terrible. I couldn't even laugh at how bad it was.

The laugh track (or supposed live audience) seemed to laugh at everything somehow trying to force the audience into laughing when laughing was scheduled.

I had disagreements with the show before because of its bias, but still found the show unfunny. The few sketches that I viewed on Saturday and the Saturday beforehand contained nothing that I could disagree with. The sketches simply weren't funny. Other sketches, I couldn't understand what was the pun. Some shows often mock a celebrity for something they're known for like poking fun at Johnny Depp with something having to do with pirates. SNL sketches aren't built this way. They'll have Mark Wahlberg associated in a joke with animals and I wonder if I'm missing some sort of news story where he was abusing animals or something. And then for others like the classic SNL sketch with Christopher Walken doing Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, I found none of it funny even though I understood why Bruce was being mocked for having cowbell but it just wasn't funny at all.

I'm not sure if it's me but I just can't see anything funny in the shows. I've tried watching them even watching the "Best of" episodes on Netflix and still can't find the show funny. I like other shows like MadTV, In Living Color, and other similar shows but never could get into SNL. I wonder why it's been on for as long as it has and why people love it so much.

I love the actors on the show when they plan on other things but when they're on SNL, somehow they bring out this side that is absolutely unfunny. (The same can be said of others like MadTV's cast when playing in movies but hilarious when on the show.)

Anyone care to chime in?

Beware of E-mail Attachments

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a recent attack on one of my relatives from an e-mail. It's fairly easy to fall for these e-mail scams and severely destroy your computer.

Simply opening one of these e-mails while inside of your e-mail client (e-mail client is the place where you view your e-mails such as a program like Outlook or through your web browser). However, opening an attachment can invite harmful infections into your computer.

The one that my relative received was a fake IRS e-mail. She downloaded the attachment, and her computer was immediately infected with a terrible virus.

There is a common misconception that simply viewing an e-mail can give you a virus when that is not least as far as I've seen. It's when your computer actually downloads files that that is when your computer becomes vulnerable to attack.

I received a recent couple of e-mails from people about "Checking out my photos!". What was interesting is that the file appears to be a legitimate jpeg file except that it ended in a .zip instead.

.zip files are usually what contain these harmful files that will destroy your machine. .jpeg files usually can't simply because they are just files for pictures however they can also contain files attached to them that have viruses.

The best thing to do is to simply be cautious when viewing e-mails. Immediately click the spam button on obvious spam e-mails, do not open them if you can help it, and do not download attachments unless you are certain that the attachment comes from someone trustworthy that has not had their account hacked into. Also, beware of links listed in e-mails especially if those links are the only sort of content inside of the e-mail. Beware of bit links too as these can send you anywhere on the internet.

Many men may be looking for naked chicks to meet online, however, a large majority of the "free porn cams" and "meet ups" have been nothing but obvious scams. I've never followed through on most of them, but there are obvious signs that they are fake. You will find your own when you study each e-mail very closely.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa...whatever you and your loved ones celebrate, we wish you the happiest of holidays.

We apologize for the absence of posts. We have been enjoying time with friends and family and haven't been involved in the latest technology news nor used any new games, etc. to write about.

We expect that new posts won't be written until after the new year hits but I wanted to stop by really quick and wish everyone a happy holiday.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Content Coming Soon

I bought a Nintendo 3DS on Sunday and expect to buy a Wii U soon if things go as planned. I'm seeing more stuff from Nintendo that has me excited and making me get more Nintendo products. I bought Super Mario 3D Land today and am really enjoying it so far. I'd like to get some other 3DS titles as well as some other DS titles that I've missed out on soon.

BlackHood4 has had a 3DS for a while but hasn't felt the need to write any posts about the console or its various games. I, on the other hand, feel like I may have some things to write about in future posts.

If and when I buy a Wii U, posts will be made about it. I want to wait until I am sure that there are hacks and good homebrew for the system and at that point I will be writing on things in those areas.

So far, the 3DS is a solid handheld and has exceeded my initial impression. I prefer Microsoft and Sony games over Nintendo's because they seem to have more 3D games but now Nintendo seems to have some good games like that. Not 3D in the sense of popping out at you but 3-Dimensional like how Halo or Killzone play where it's not 2D like an older Mario game. Don't get me wrong; the old Mario games are classics and great but I prefer 3D games and Nintendo has these. This Mario game that I just bought is one of these that I'm talking about. It's great to play another 3D Mario title and I can't wait to get some more like this one.

Of course the next game on my list is Mario Kart. I've been a fan since playing the Nintendo 64 version when I was younger. I've seen the Mario Kart titles for the DS and am very impressed by what I see.

I'm looking for some of the older games like from the Nintendo 64 playable on the Nintendo 3DS but I am doubtful they will ever be ported over.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The War on Scammers

My Twitter and e-mail account were hacked AGAIN today. I cannot explain how frustrating, embarrassing, and angry I am about it especially not finding out until much later when I had lost a follower because of my annoying tweets. And again when waking up to find over 100 e-mails about failed messages sent that I, personally, never sent. And again when finding out that some low-lifes in Kansas and Japan were logging into my accounts.

I'm in the process of tracking these three people and will do anything and everything to fight back against them and anyone who is supporting them. I contact all companies that are being "advertised" in these hacked messages and do all possible to ensure that they discourage anyone from hacking to advertise their business.

My war with these pathetic individuals will never cease. They can threaten me, hack my blog and other accounts...I don't care. I will never stop fighting them. Actually, them targeting me makes me want to go after them even more and learn more about attacking them. I will gladly share all my information with everyone when I can to help you guys combat them too. I loathe these people. I feel violated and wronged. I will not stand for this and I will do all I can to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

My war with these people will never stop. This blog will never stand nor support these idiots and will continue to expose and undermine them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

View WIFLI on Google Currents!

There's a new way to view our blog on your tablet, Android phone, or iPhone and that's through Google's app, Currents.

Currents utilizes some RSS feeds available from most websites and blogs and allows you to read them just as you would on a regular webpage. I added Whenever I Feel Like It: Tech Edition as well as other feeds to my own app to read on the go.

I have just begun using the app but I believe that it's been around for quite some time.

I am in the process of making a better version exclusively for the app as we speak but it may not be available for some time due to some issues. I will keep you guys posted as soon as it becomes available.

If you would like to add our page, you can do so by downloading and installing the Currents app, then searching for our blog. You can do so with just about any other blog or website. Some websites even have official versions made specifically for the app versus this just making it more device-friendly.

Does anyone else use this app? What are your thoughts on it?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Black Ops II is Finally Fixed

I haven't played on Black Ops II in over a week and just hopped on to find out that the online multiplayer isn't so laggy like it once was.

The topic was circling around Twitter and other places online about people complaining about the lag. My Kill/Death ratio was going lower and lower because of lags like forcing my character to pass through the same area multiple times until an enemy came from behind and killed me. The game is much more enjoyable now and actually playable. I had zero lags through the three rounds that I played with different players on different maps.

Upon launching the game, my Xbox alerted me that Call of Duty Black Ops II had a new update ready to be downloaded which I think was the fix needed.

How have your matches been? Have you been playing through the lags? Have you seen any problems since the update's release?

Dragonborn DLC Review 9/10

You know what I love? A bit of Skyim every now and again and I'm glad to see Bethesda delivering.

This new DLC adds the island of Solstheim to the map which is around half the size of Skyrim. The only way to get there is to take a boat from Wyiterun to there.

The Good:
Nostalgia! I used to play Morrowind a bit with a love hate relationship but with a sense of admiration and respect. the music was bland but unforgettable. It seems like Bethesda just redubbed Morrowind's sound track onto this expansion which I could not agree further was the right choice.
The enemies are all new as far as I remember. Ranging from unusual like these clear spiders to freaking awesome like these were bears. The ash spawn are a bit annoying but tollerable.
The loot! So much loot! I think I've probably been over encumbered at least fifteen times. By level 15, I had already made about 11 thousand bucks.
the armors are super awesome. I haven't been able to make all of them because I'm such a low level but they look positively badass.

The Bad:
Right now there's a lot of freezing. There's two different freezes in Skyrim: music freeze and full stop. Music freezes usually happen when thx auto save pops up, freezing the game but you can still hear the music which means the game hasn't completely frozen while the other means a total shutdown. Eventually I know Bethesda will fix this but for now its just annoying.
The main baddie is a bit too easy to beat. I'm not mad about it but the way everyone was talking about him I thought he would be a lot  harder to kill.
There's a big need for the Elder Scrolls wikia site to be updated. If you didn't know, you have to be at least up to the Horn of Jurgen Wind caller to even be able to start the Dragonborn main quest. Otherwise, going to Solestheim will completely lock the quest, forcing a reload or a completely new game for me. Also, if you don't complete a quest before the last mission, an awesome armor and weapon set will be completely locked.

All in all, its fun and worth the money I paid.

Friday, December 7, 2012

[Review] Far Cry 3 Xbox 360

I just bought Far Cry 3 today and gotta say that it has topped what I originally thought before buying the game.

I bought the special Far Cry 1 &2 edition for the Xbox 360 a few years ago but was never able to get into it. I tried playing the first one then moving onto the second once I completed it, but the game was much too difficult for me as I kept having to retry again and again. However, I did enjoy the map editor which was lots of fun playing around with. Don't get me wrong. The game itself, with its premise, was awesome. I just wasn't able to enjoy it due to frustration. But this game...this is a much different game.

I have been playing, literally, nonstop since I got home at about 5 pm and now it's 10:36 pm. This is the only time that I've stopped to actually do something and that's to write about my experience thus far.

For those of us who are fans of open world games, this is our game. Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the Elder Scrolls series, Just Cause 2, Mercenaries 2, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed, and many more open world games come to mind when trying to describe this game. Not only those titles, but also FPS shooters as this is a game with FPS action.

This is one of those games that I'd like to call an RPG, but seriously, I don't think it fits well into that genre. It would fit under the same genre that Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause would go under plus the feel of an RPG.

The only reason why I have a hard time classifying this as an RPG is that the game allows for customization of the character, but not in the appearance nor in individual attributes like in games like The Elder Scrolls.

The game is pretty messed up in the way that it begins but you soon forget the gruesome beginning. As with most open world games, I haven't been too focused on the main quest but rather trying to do the other things like just exploring and hunting.

For those familiar with Assassin's Creed...this game will definitely make you feel at home. Do you remember having to climb church steeples and other high buildings to synchronize and update the map? This is the same concept in FC3. While you may not climb up the side of a building, the game requires that you climb a radio tower from the inside and reach the top to disconnect a piece of equipment and update the GPS map. Once that's done, you can search the area much more efficiently just like with the AC games. The game even makes a reference in the beginning to AC when the main character, Jake, jumps into a pool of water and says something about "taking the leap of faith" ;)

The game allows players to decide how they will encounter the enemy. The player can stealthily watch the enemies and make silent moves or go in with full force and have a full on firefight. I have had the pleasure of trying both multiple times. Often times, I'll sneak from behind, knife a few people, then go full auto on the rest of the enemies.

Ubisoft included perks which allow the player to perform special tasks like cooking a grenade, receiving more health, regenerating health faster, and others.

While human enemies are a huge part of this game, you have to remember that this setting takes place on an island with many creatures. The game not only encourages players to hunt but forces. In order to upgrade your ammo pack, pack for general items, and others, you must kill and skin animals to get the material to make such items. The game even goes as far as limiting the amount that the player carries until he/she makes new wallets to hold more money. FC3 has many side missions with some being hunting missions where the player is asked to pick up a certain weapon, go to an area, and begin to hunt the prey. Often times, the prey is a predator and you can find yourself looking for an animal and the next minute being attacked by that target. Animals in the game come in all shapes and sizes from small chickens to Komodo Dragons.

Getting back to the topic of stealth...the game has many options for players to use for stealth if the player wishes. Players can buy attachments for their weapons which can be silencers, larger magazines, scopes, and more. A bow and arrow is included in the game as well as the knife which are the most used weapons for stealth.

At this point, I have two problems with the game and one lies in the area of realism and the other in the upgrades. While the game is as real as it gets, sometimes it's too real. I've only died about 4-6 times but you can lose health very quickly just from walking around and not even engaging any sort of enemy. Sometimes you may fall off of a rock and be hurt instantly. However, I don't have that much of a problem with it because health isn't too hard to come by. As well as hunting animals, the game has a variety of plants that the player can pick and combine to create various mixtures to do all sorts of things like healing. And the process for making these concoctions can be done anywhere in the game. The other area that I have a problem with is with upgrading. I haven't been able to upgrade my weapons' pouch because I can't find any goats to make the material. I've been playing for about five hours and still can't find goats. Every other animal has been easy to find except this one. Either that, or the animals get too afraid. It could be due to my own performance. Either way, the problems that I have at this moment are little to none.

As always, I'll keep playing the game and if I find anything else worthy of being written down, I'll come back and update this blog. While most of my other reviews have been positive then turned negative in the update, I don't think that will be true for this game. This game was well made and I am having lots of fun with it.

Update 12/15/2012:
I've been playing through the game and I am thoroughly impressed and love the game. It has surpassed my initial impressions of the game.

The only thing that I seem to have a problem with is that there are no driveable least at the moment where I am in the game (I'm near completing it, but not finished yet). I also have a problem with the cut-scenes  They are long and can't be skipped. I like the story, I just want to skip some of the cut-scenes sometimes especially if I replay the game.

But the game is still really cool. The gameplay is loads of fun, the map is very big and enjoyable to explore, the vehicles are fun and feel fairly realistic, the camera angles are well done, the fire-fights are engaging and fun...the game has been really well done.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is into open world games and first person shooters. These are the two genres that seem to best capture this game.

Below are some links to help you buy the game online. While the purchases don't cost you anymore than usual, they would generate revenue for myself at no extra cost to you. Each link connects to a different retailer.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Verizon's New DVR Patent

Has anyone noticed Google Ads? WIFLI utilizes a Google Ad service currently and you might have noticed that many of our ads are about computers or other things in the same genre. If you look at my other blog,, you'll notice that it too has some relevant ads. Since I talk about politics and religion a lot there, much of my ads are political or religious. This is due to Google's ability to read what a site's content is and gear ads relevant to that webpage. The changes are automatic without I actually being able to change the individual ads that show. Verizon has asked for a patent that does something similar to this but takes it one step higher.

"In Russia, you don't watch TV, TV watches you!"

Some say that it's an invasion of privacy, others say it's an innovation, while others say that it is yet another way of reaching what's read in George Orwell 1984 novel. I am in between each side. As a tech-enthusiastic  I get excited about new inventions and innovations like this. But, as an advocate for smaller government, I get uneasy about things like this with the threat that it could be used for invasion of privacy.

The new DVR has the ability to see and hear what it's listeners are doing and saying. For instance, if a couple is arguing in front of the television, and the DVR picks up on it, the next commercial may be of something to help the marriage. Others may silently watch as you watch the box and notice which commercials you pay attention to and which ones you don't which would allow it to narrow down a list of commercials to show and which ones you may not be interested in. For me, the television may notice that I pay no attention to commercials for Viagra or chick flicks and may remember in the future for future commercial picks.

I like it from that standpoint. I realize that television isn't free and that it has to be paid for by someone whether that be me, corporations, or a combination of the two. If I am forced to watch ads, I'd at least like to see some ads that are interesting to me rather than sit through a number of uncomfortable ones time and time again.

The technology is fascinating. I wonder if it utilizes anything from Microsoft's Kinect or if this is a completely separate piece of technology. But then again, there is the possibility for something like Big Brother.

Maybe I'm just paranoid. What do you guys think? Interesting? Scary?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

E3 2013 Attendance

There have been two main reasons why I began this blog.

One was to simply share and connect with others who are like me. In the process, I realized that if I was good at what I did, I'd be paid handsomely for what I enjoy.

Second, I wanted to attend E3. Ever since I heard about E3 in the early 2000's, I wanted to attend at least one just for the sake of going.

This website has been growing in size considerably since it's beginning in April of this year. I have had well over a few thousand viewers and now have a set average of people that view the blog on a daily basis and it hasn't decreased in under two months. I also had a few people decide to comment to some of my entries which shows even more people coming. It's been great and I decided that maybe I'd try my luck and try and register for E3 for next year.

I think I got ahead of myself. I began registering myself to attend then got to the end and was about to hit the Finish button before I decided to not go through with it. Not only is the price not in my budget now but I'm not sure if I deserve the chance to go and mingle with those others who have a much larger audience than I do.

My goal for 2013 is to grow this into something more. I'd like WheneverIFeelLikeIt to be big and huge. I'd like to be the place for everyone to come and enjoy themselves. I'd like this site to be the most shared website on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever popular social media is out there. I'd like this to be the most searched website in every search engine.

Oh yes, my dreams are big. But I have faith that I can do it. Going to E3 isn't something that I'd like to do just for myself now, but also for you guys. I enjoy writing these blogs for you and I love it when I see referrals from Facebook and people's comments here discussing whatever was on topic. It's cool. You guys are awesome. I'd love to get to go and get to report on what I see there for you guys to get excited about.

So I ask you guys to help me make this website grow. Without you guys, this is only an incomplete dream.

Thanks so much to everyone who has simply came here and has enjoyed my posts. I appreciate you! Here's to 2013!

LA Auto Show 2012

I just got back home from the LA Auto Show hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here are some of the pictures that I took while at the event. I wasn't there long, but managed to only take pictures of the concepts and other cars that I found unbelievably beautiful. Here they are.

Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Viper SRT

Honda concept

Bottom of a Ford truck without body

2012 Ford Mustang Shelby with bodykit

Aston Martin


Subaru BRZ

Chevrolet concept

Chevrolet concept

BMW concept

BMW concept

Mercedes concept

Mercedes AMG CLS


Lexus concept

Lexus concept

Lexus LFA concept


Monday, December 3, 2012

Keep the Internet Free

I try my absolute hardest to stay away from the topic of politics although it may come up from time to time like with things like SOPA. However, when talking about such topics, I try to stay as non-partisan as I can which isn't hard to do when dealing with this topic.

Both political mindsets stand on both sides of these issues with some supporting the measures and others standing on the opposition.

Bills and legislation like SOPA threaten us directly on this website and anywhere else on the internet. Governments around the world have continually tried to find ways of getting control of the internet from their citizens. While some countries have been successful, others have continued trying to do so in discreet ways that deceive the population.

Around the time of the SOPA legislation, I wrote my local politician regarding my frustration with the bill. It was the first and only time that I've ever directly contacted a politician except through other ways like petitions. I was shocked when she actually replied back to me and actually broke down my e-mail, letting me know that it was a human writing this e-mail and not a pre-written response. She disagreed with me in supporting the legislation and explained why. To her, she didn't see it as control over the internet but a way to combat piracy. Many other Americans felt the same way; however, just as many of us felt a different way about the bill.

Groups like the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, and many more have voiced a strong disagreement with the measure in that it would allow control over us.

What's written in bills like it and itself threaten just about every area of the internet and we must be careful when voicing support for things like it before actually taking the time to read what it says. And while the bill may not directly threaten my website, it could lead to it later on with additions.

The idea that I share with many others is that governments need to stay out of the internet and allow us to keep our freedom. We can see with countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China where the government is allowed so much control that the citizens are constantly denied access to some websites. It gets even worse when we see nations that are just now granting their citizens the right to use the internet. Our own government does it like when the FBI confiscates a website like those hosting torrent downloads, but it's rare.

I enjoy having the freedom to say and write what I want. I enjoy also having the ability to share what I want too. These and more rights are being threatened with laws like the one listed above. We, in our own regions, need to make our voices heard that we want the right to use the internet freely. Contact your local politicians when your rights are threatened and keep up with the news to be alerted when new laws are trying to be passed that may threaten your rights.

I am so happy with this website and the buzz it is creating. I am so grateful to live in the 21st century with these new innovations and inventions at my disposal. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you guys who takes the time to read our posts. We truly appreciate it. I look forward to a time somewhere in the future when we can all enjoy the internet freely regardless where we live.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Password Changes

Rant ahead. You've been warned.

I am very dissatisfied with the way that many online websites handle passwords. I have over 15 different passwords that I've used since joining the internet community for different websites. 15 of those passwords each have their own variations because of these password rules.

My latest password change came about because of my PlayStation Network account. The account had too many rules such as no repeating characters, no letter/number is allowed to begin...on and on with so many rules.

I recently forgot my Google account's password (don't know how cause I never changed it) and they wouldn't let me use one of my used passwords because it was one that I had previously used. I don't understand what's the big deal with using that one.

The same thing has happened with my Craigslist account. I don't even log in there anymore because that whole system is screwed up. Every once in a while, they randomly reset my account and force me to pick a new password. To make matters worse, they won't let me use any of the passwords that I've had before, even if the password was used over a year ago.

I understand why we have the password rules because some people would literally have passwords like 123 or simply 1 and would get mad when they got hacked. I understand, but some of these rules are ridiculous. Would you agree or disagree? What sort of rules have you encountered that you thought were absolutely ridiculous? In what ways do you think that these websites can change?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This Week's Humble Bundle!

This week's Humble Bundle is for a list of THQ games such as Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes Tales of Valor, and if you beat the average of $5.67, you can get Saint's Row The Third. The only game that really peaks my interest is Saint's Row, but the other games are cool. I've always wanted to try Metro and Company of Heroes sounds cool.

As of right now, you have 10 days, 21 hours, and 41 minutes to get this deal before it goes!

Anyone planning on getting this?

Friday, November 30, 2012

From Battlefield 3 to Black Ops II

I've been playing Battlefield for the last couple of months, refusing to have anything to do with any Call of Duty title. As the time approached to determine whether I'd buy Black Ops II, I was hestitant and continuously changing my mind. I wanted to be optimistic. I wanted it because I wanted to play with all of my friends, but then I didn't like it because it looked too unrealistic. I wanted it, but I didn't want it because it didn't have vehicles, has a bad reputation for being rushed, has a bad reputation for not holding its value well, and has an extremely immature community filled with annoying little kids. All of which Battlefield 3 has been almost completely immune to.

To add, all of those did come to past when I finally got my hands on a free copy from a friend who didn't want the game. Also, the lags, as I talked about in an earlier post. The lags is what really makes me almost hate the game. I've never raged this much in my life over a video game!

I had been playing BF3 faithfully all throughout BO2's release until a few days ago when I hopped online and began making my career. I had three terrible first games (3 kills/14 deaths was my very first game) but then ended up having a fourth game where I became MVP!?! After that, I had a few good games and then about the same amount of plain old bad games. But they are not due to my experience as I discussed briefly on my earlier post. The lag has been very terrible and really a disappointment.

What did I love about BF3? Pretty much everything online. Camping bothered me when I first began playing, but then it became apart of the battlefield, no pun intended. Playing in wide open areas became a favorite. The Caspian Border, immediately, became my favorite map of them all. Playing Conquest and Team Deathmatch is what I enjoy the most. Running alongside tanks, hopping in a helicopter or jet, running with a few friends and taking down an objective has never been apart of any games that I played before. Halo had some of these elements but never all mashed together with huge maps as this. My accomplishments fit my rewards. And every weapon seems to fit in the game...unlike Call of Duty titles.

I feel awkward playing in a small, cramped map with weapons like the RPG and sniper rifles. What's the purpose? What's the fun in quick-scoping someone who's only a few feet away instead of blowing them away with a shotgun or a submachine gun? What's the fun in using an RPG in a small map against someone only a few feet away? And why do all of this without the support of someone or something other than other infantry troops? Where's the special classes like in a real war? Where's the medic? Where's the support class? I guess I'm not a huge fan of the individuality that CoD brings. Instead of you belonging to a group or an army, you're a one man army. I suppose it's best left to personal opinion as many of my cousins who enjoy Call of Duty titles couldn't get into Battlefield whereas I and others, after playing Battlefield, couldn't get back into Call of Duty games.

The childishness of the games also seemed to make me uneasy. In Battlefield, it was rare to ever actually communicate with speech with other players except for that one guy from China who left his microphone on for some reason or had his Kinect recording his daughter singing in the background. But in Call of Duty, it's very common to hear seven year olds talk about school and bitch whenever they get knifed by someone. Black Ops 2 seemed to change that. I've encountered a few kids in the few games that I have played, but not in abundance like in Modern Warfare 3 or other previous titles. (I never played MW3 but am speaking on the videos I see and what I have witnessed from watching friends play.)

Speaking of knifing, that's another topic. In Call of Duty titles, it's very common for people to run around a match and just knife people. And it got worse in BO2 where people run towards me while I am actively shooting them with a light machine gun and somehow they escape and knife me and kill me with one hit. Whereas, with BF3, it took skill to knife someone or sheer luck of catching that guy camping. And in BO2, it seems like people are cheating. I'll spawn and a few seconds later, I'm knifed from behind by some guy running around with his knife. Although, to be fair, the same has happened to me many times on Battlefield maps, and many of them. Getting knifed in CoD games has been just another way of dying whereas in Battlefield, it's a big deal when you get knifed. And it gets really disrespectful and encouraging. When you get knifed, some dude grabs you from whatever you were doing, the camera flips around, and not only stabs you in the chest but also rips off your dog tags for trophies! It's been a way of keeping an eye on your surroundings when trying to camp out and catch someone slipping on the battlefield.

It can vary upon personal preference, but, again, there's a huge difference between the two games in terms of individuality and team spirit. In Battlefield 3, you not only strive to help other team mates but also help yourself for ribbons like the MVP 1, 2, and 3 ribbons. But the game also encourages you to help your teammates by giving out medic packs, ammo crates, reviving a fallen comrade (includes putting your own life on the line as you decide whether to save this guy for 100 points or kill the nearby enemy who may still be lurking close for 100 points.) You have classes rather than individual gun saves. Instead of being able to carry two primary weapons, you can only hold a primary and a secondary and work from there. And you can only change classes if you die. But in Call of Duty, the attention has always been around the player. You decide what weapons you carry, what attachments they have, and all of that. You are encouraged to help no one but yourself (except you do get extra points for saving others or killing someone with a killing streak) and to rack up points. You are encouraged to run into a firefight and see how long you can last whereas Battlefield encourages you to wait and be smart with your attack rather than go in full auto, guns blazing and get ripped to shreds by the guys hiding out in the bushes with claymores lying on the ground. Again, it's up to personal preference and mine seems to go more towards the side for teams than for yourself.

The one thing I do enjoy best about Call of Duty is time. In Call of Duty, you know about how long a match will last. In Battlefield, some matches can last as long as a few hours if both teams are really good! Playing on games like Rush or Conquest can have results like this and have for me where I was unable to finish a game because I didn't have enough time. But that can be a good thing as I do enjoy a good game and playing my heart out against someone else playing their heart out.

All a matter of personal opinion, but if you ask me and care about my opinion (which you seem to as you did come to my blog :D) then I'd have to tell you that, as of now, I enjoy Battlefield 3 more than Call of Duty Black Ops II.

iTunes 11 Is Released

While my phone may be Android, my laptop Windows...I still prefer using iTunes above the rest and have for many years even after leaving behind iPods.

Today iTunes, more commonly known as iTunes 11, was released to the public. The new version brings about a new interface much different than the past versions that have pretty much stayed the same. I, liking the old, found a way to switch back to the classic scheme as best as I could and here's a screenshot for you to enjoy.

The icon also got a facelift.

I am liking the new look as it is definitely more modern and was in need of some new chrome-like feel, but in another way, I don't like the change. Of course, this will grow on us users in no time at all.

The biggest beef I have with the design is that my album art in the lower left hand corner is gone. I cannot find a way to get it back either. If you have found a way to get it back, it would be greatly appreciated.

Immediately after updating and restarting my machine, the interface really scared me. All of my music were just square blocks and there was no left hand menu like there is now and always has been for me. I grew up with that menu; Apple can't take it from me without me letting it go. So I re-added it and changed my song view from album to song list.

As for under-the-hood changes? The only ones that I can see seem to be with the Cloud. If you notice in the left menu, there are three clouds in the top three boxes. I have yet to actually join Apple's cloud service, but I assume that that is connected to it in some way. I am still adjusting to Google's Play Music cloud service and not looking to join any other services just yet (although Google DropBox has caught my eye). Some of the menu designs have changed and, oddly enough, the classic menu bar was removed. I re-added it as I use it continuously. You can also notice that the play/pause, forward, backward, etc. buttons have moved upwards above the classic menu bar. If you would like to re-add the classic menu bar like I did, you can do so by clicking Alt and then clicking View then going to the very bottom to click Show Menu Bar. Alternatively, you can simply do so by just holding Ctrl + B. Some people like the simplistic look, I don't. Those buttons are used often by me. I am noticing a trend where many programs are removing that classic menu bar including many Microsoft's own programs.

Would I go back? Nah. Will I? Nope. The design is not my favorite but it's okay and I realize that Apple is just trying to keep the experience fresh.

What do you think of the new interface? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Don't care? Are there any differences that you noticed that I didn't mention?

Update 12/2/2012:
Apparently, all music that you buy through the iTunes Store is available to you through their cloud. All of the songs that I bought through iTunes now show up as being in the cloud. I replaced my original screenshot with a new screenshot showing some of my purchased music. Previously, the music that was being shown was music that I uploaded into iTunes through a CD.

Clicking the cloud icon makes it appear grayed out then disappears. I think clicking that icon sends that song to the cloud to be enjoyed by any and all who want to and have access to your iTunes account.

I began deleting the ones with clouds beside them until I saw this message.

I am a bit confused, but it seems that if you delete that song from your library, it deletes it from iCloud.

I don't want these showing up in my library because they are showing up as duplicates. So if you're like me, I found the setting to remove these from your library.

Go to the menu bar, if it is not showing, click Ctrl + B. Go to Edit, then select Preferences. In this window, head over to the Store tab.

Just like in the screenshot, make sure that the "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases" is not checked. Doing so will remove all of your cloud purchases and make your library cloud free once again. It also removed the cloud icon next to the Music, Movies, and TV Shows tabs.

That is, perhaps, the safest way to remove your cloud purchases from your library to avoid duplicates like I was getting.

Beware of Hackers and Scammers

Lately, lots of my friends have been getting more and more viruses into their computers. The viruses range from simple ones attacking internet browsers for ads to completely disabling a computer from accessing any program including the Windows task manager.

One of my relatives caught a terrible virus earlier today that mimicked an anti-virus software and was trying to have her pay for coverage to rid her of an infection. I tried using Ctrl+Alt+Del and Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the task manager yet it would not start. A notification in the Vista toolbar would appear saying that it was infected with an infection and needs to fixed with the fake anti-virus software named System Progressive Control or something like that.

This was all due to downloading an attachment from a fake e-mail from someone spoofing an e-mail address belonging to the IRS and her not having a sufficient anti-virus software to seek the problem and fix it.

Make sure that you have some sort of working anti-virus program installed on your computer. That is key in prevention. A good defense makes a great offense especially in this situation. My anti-virus software alerts me to any and all attacks on my computer, even doing so yesterday with a Trojan virus.

Be careful what websites you visit. Pornographic websites are notorious for carrying files with viruses as well as many gossip websites. You can take precautions by either not visiting these sites or visiting them in safe environments. A safe environment can be:
-using a different operating system like Linux, Android, or another OS than the one that you use for the majority of your internet use
-using things like trusted proxy servers (if not trusted, it can have negative effects)
-using an account on your computer, like the Guest account, that doesn't have administrative rights (without administrative rights, it is near impossible for things to be downloaded or installed)
-only visiting websites that you trust
-monitoring anti-virus programs and allowing them to download updates and perform random scans of your computer

Try avoiding most used anti-virus programs or ones that come with your computer, are third party (not from Microsoft or whoever manufactures your computer) and are pre-installed when you buy/format it. These are typically the anti-virus programs that virus-creators target when trying to take control of your system.

Be safe and cautious. Don't just download everything and use every program recommended to you. Google is your friend, use it to research. Research can be as simple as searching for a program's name or a download file's name in a search engine like Google. Chances are that most viruses have been used on others and others have sought help within online forums for guidance.

The creation and use of viruses has skyrocketed lately as the economy declines and people look into making money in the most deceptive ways they can. Be alert and mindful.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Lag In case embed does not show properly.

I have been trying to play Call of Duty Black Ops II these last two days and it has not gone over so well.

The video above is evidence of what many gamers are experiencing when trying to play the latest installment to the popular series.

Such lags have occurred within the game that seem difficult to explain. I've played some matches where everyone has the same signal bars and the match still lags terribly. The lags extend to the way that bullets are fired and can be clearly seen in kill-cams. After shooting repeated rounds into a target, the target releases a few shots and kills and the kill-cam does not show any of the bullets that I fired into their direction. This has happened on numerous occasions.

The online multiplayer needs some major fixes and players from all speeds are explaining their frustration. Hopefully this is fixed soon as it is not a very enjoyable game to play when the rounds are not fair.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Ops II Review - 8.5/10

I don't like shooters. I really don't. I'm even groaning as I say this. I will say this is the best Call of Duty game.

The Good:
Nice weapons. Finally I can unlock weapons for story mode! Guns feel responsive as well as varied. I never felt one gun was the same as another. At the same time, I kept switching weapons because it actually called for them but I wasn't bunkered down because I didn't use a certain weapon.
The settings aren't too bad.
Voice acting is decent.
The extra missions of the side with faux RTS feel were a nice break and I'm glad I wasn't forced into them.
I LOVE how there is no manditory code to play online. I repeat: NO MANDITORY CODE TO PLAY ONLINE! THANK YOU, ACTIVISION.

The Bad:
I hated having to switch between past and "future" missions. I get how weapons in the future are in the future but in sake of fun, why can't I have the awesome future weapons in the past?
The game seems disjointed if that makes sense. At times, I would run to an objective point only to have to wait there for a few minutes and then find out this objective point wasn't the objective and instead I had to run to that objective in a specific direction.
I loathe, LOATHE online play. I'm not good and the people on there are too good. I even kept my online extra code so I could be generous to the next guy who would want to play this game. Zombies are boring and almost impossible unless you're with someone via online or someone right next to you. Tranzit makes jack-shit sense to me but it actually became something more when there were others around.

The Meh:
The settings get bland after a while.
The choices are bland as well and hold little end to the over all story save the last choice to kill or let the bad guy live but actually it ends up the same in any scenario in the long run.

Buy this game if you want but it wasn't for me. Wasn't bad but I wouldn't buy it a second time.

Hitman Absolution Review - 9.5/10

I'm going to be completely honest here and say I'm not a Hitman fan. The first Hitman game I ever played was Blood Money and that was just because I was doing one of GameStop's "Buy two get the third free" deals. I'd like to think I'm an optimist when it comes to gaming as shown by my generous review to Assassin's Creed 3 so I took a lot of time to play this game and really think it through. My further impression is that this game is awesome.

The Good:
Killing people never felt so satisfying (I feel weird saying that). The gameplay favors both stealth and insane murder iron man at the same time by the later more so. When the stealth mechanics work they are amazing. All the weapons are awesome and feel completely unique but I mostly stuck with screwdrivers, knives and other bladed weapons. Guns feel great and I never really find one I hate. I don't usually like snipers but the sniping in this is way too satisfying.
The graphics are by far the best I've ever seen. The guys who do the graphics for Hitman are kind of like the creators of South Park to me: they must have sold their souls to the devil so they could get either insight into the future or some technology that most don't have. 47 looks amazing from water splashing down on him from rain, dirt or ash smeared on his face.
The voice acting is incredible. People I'm supposed to hate are definitely lined out either through speech or actions. The writing isn't anything to write home about but it does the job and is backed up by the great voice cast.
The settings really do the job well. From desert to town to crowded subway to big city. Again, nothing to amazing but it gets the job done.

The Bad:
The game doesn't offer much extra play time other than it's extra Contracts mode which I haven't used yet. I'm hoping there might be some DLC in the future, I'd feel really awful if I sold this game.
The missions can sometimes be grating. Annoying enemies are too much of a hassle forcing me to restart for fear of a bad score that's always in my left hand corner. It's really annoying how it looms over me most of the time but it's a joy when I do get an awesome score. A few times I thought about getting off Xbox LIVE just so I didn't have to see how often it would say the average of the US and world for this current level and how low my score was compared to theirs. I just wish I could get rid of it somehow.
The enemies are frustrating at times. Sometimes they just know how to get you in the worst possible position forcing you to break the silent assassin game.
The ending screen is really frustrating making me yell out because I didn't collect every single weapon or every single disguise despite me being a meticulous OCD killer.
There were a lot of missions where I felt no connection. There were actually a few people I didn't want to kill but was forced to. I wish there was a bit more choice.

The Meh:
Suit only? This may sound weird but there's this thing at the end which tells you how good you did and things you could have done. One is "Suit only" which I take to mean you only used your suit and never changed but it never gives me it. I wish the things were outlined a bit better so I could know how to complete them.

All in all this is a great game and you should buy it. I'm glad I bought it and it has definitely made me look at things in a different perspective.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving All

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today and hope everyone enjoyed time they, hopefully, were able to spend with family and other loved ones. I've been away from my computer all day so I wasn't able to distribute a proper greeting for today as I had planned but I enjoyed myself with family.

I am very thankful for you guys as readers. Without you, WIFLI is nothing. Thank you to all who visit here. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Switching It Up On Ya!

Our regular readers will probably notice a couple of design changes to the site. I changed them because the background was blinding me at night time and I can imagine that it can be bothersome for others too. I tried changing the colors to match each other and bring out the true emphasis that I wanted for each area of the page. I like the change. I'd like to get a logo going for this website but don't have any idea what kind of logo to make. If I get a really cool logo, I'd like to make it into the background, but if I find a good background, I'll use that instead.

I thought about using the WiFi logo as a start for this website because this is called, abbreviated, WIFLI, kind of like WiFi. This is the WiFi logo
Borrowed from the nice people at this website.

I mean, a few months into all this, and I think that the abbreviation wasn't well thought out enough. I have been using the "Whenever I Feel Like It" name for a few years just because I liked the ring of it, but I don't know. It's too late to change the domain because I paid for it and I've been establishing a bit of some cred with the search engines.

If you have any cool backgrounds or other website ideas, let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback. I and BlackHood4 rarely see the website except to make sure videos post and whatnot, but other than that, we see something completely different. So let us know what you'd like to see on your favorite website :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Republic Wireless Set to Roll Out

How much do you pay for cell phone service every month? Chances are somewhere between $35-$100 and beyond. Would you go for a carrier that charged you only $19 a month for everything unlimited? It sure got me rethinking my cell phone plan.

We've heard them all. Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk, Consumer phone companies that are around but never take off to the levels of the Big 4. Republic has a fighting chance not only due to its true competitive price but because of its unique network.

Consumer Cellular and a few other smaller companies that offer GSM (most of those prepaid phones that use SIM cards) use the AT&T network to broadcast their cheap service. Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile use Sprint's service to broadcast their signal. It's cheaper for them because they don't have to build an expensive and time consuming network coast to coast. It's also not time consuming as you can imagine trying to upgrade all of those cell sites as time goes on. Republic Wireless steps onto the scene using the Sprint service too so we can assume that it is CDMA technology. But wait...there's more. What makes Republic so unique is that it also uses your home's WiFi network to make calls instead of a cell site. This is largely why they are creating such a huge buzz and why they can offer such a cheap rate.

T-Mobile tried this a few years ago where they encouraged people to use their WiFi signal to make and receive calls. It did okay for the company but never truly took off. Sprint launched a device called the Airave that I actually had for a few months that converted your home's router into a cell site of its own for any Sprint phone to work on. When using a WiFi signal, you often have to use a passcode to get on and use the signal. With the Airave, there was no need for such a thing.

But it's interesting to see Republic try to do this once again. I'd love to see this company do well. Unfortunately, I'm locked into my contract for another two years and the company only offers one phone which is the Motorola Defy. It's not a bad phone, just not something that you want right off the spot. Since this is probably a CDMA network, the chances of you bringing your phone of choice are low to none. Remember that CDMA networks don't use SIM cards, they need to be activated with the carrier which the carrier then uses codes to figure out what phone is being used. The other downside is that you will have to pay upfront for the phone too just as with any other small company. In the long run, this is the best option for any carrier. I calculated mine and if I bought mine without a contract, I'd be saving a bit of money. But I figured, like most people, I'm going to be with this company for a while so why not just get the contract.

As Phandroid pointed out, this would be a phone best used for your child who doesn't need something too fancy or too expensive. And probably, during these tough economic times, we could all use a break from paying large sums of money to never be seen again.

I'm enthusiastic about these small companies and can't wait to see this one launch. Much success to them and hopefully they start a trend.

[Review] Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified PS Vita

I like the Call of Duty games, just haven't bought one in a while because they seem redundant  BlackHood4 has Black Ops II for Xbox 360 so we may see a review by him soon. He's finishing the campaign as we speak.

The PlayStation Vita has everything that I've longed for in a handheld, mostly with the dual analog sticks. Call of Duty uses these very well.

I've played the campaign, multiplayer, and Hostiles. To start, some may be wondering, "What's 'Hostiles' and where's the zombies mode?"

There doesn't seem to be a zombies mode for this Call of Duty release for whatever reason. However, Hostiles comes as close as you can get to zombies. In Hostiles, you go through hordes of enemies and fight. At the end of each round, you have a care-package that drops for you. The maps are a bit hard to navigate (twists and turns) so if you aren't close to wherever the care-package is when it lands, you may be out of luck in reaching it in time. The weapons in this mode are a bit redundant as each enemy seems to use the same weapon. Although, I haven't played too far into the mode to be able to see if they vary.

The multiplayer is actually lots of fun! For console Call of Duty fans, the maps will be very small. The teams are also small. I think every game that I've played has only had 8 people with 4 on one team and 4 on the other. This isn't bad for something like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed because it kind of evens out. I have had more timeouts when trying to connect to the servers than I have actually playing multiplayer games. Normally, games played online work where I am on the second story of my house (the router is downstairs) even for most PS Vita games but for some reason, the connection doesn't work for Call of Duty. Sometimes it pretends to throw me into a match, then randomly sends me to the main menu. Other times, the game will just freeze on the background screen with movement but no menu or other available actions. And the screen just sits there. I have the WiFi model so I cannot speak for those with a 3G connection but trying to use my phone's 3G hotspot didn't work. In fact, the game says something about a "NAT error" and further research has said that they don't allow NAT 3 connection to the game. So playing away from home is a bit difficult for those of without 3G. If I want to play, I usually sit directly in front of my home's WiFi router and it always works. It's just a pain considering that this is supposed to be a handheld game yet I'm restricted to one area of the house. Even sitting in the next room, which is our kitchen, still gives me problems for online connectivity.

The game's campaign is fun. However, it is frustrating especially it being the first time using these new controls. The game, overall, is hard to maneuver  I let my co-worker play who often plays Modern Warfare 3 for his Xbox 360 and he was also talking about the new differences. Luckily, nothing is really changed except that the analog sticks are a bit shorter so sensitivity should be a bit higher and the grenade and knife buttons are on the touchscreen and not physical buttons. I often die during the campaign missions and it gets even more frustrating that I have to restart an entire level because I died near the end of the level. I have not seen any check-points in any of the levels.

Running is set to automatic because I have not found any way to manually run when I'd like or one doesn't exist. In both Battlefield and Call of Duty, I enjoy the running and use it often. In this version, your character runs on automatic but it isn't enough for many of us and turning around corners causes him to stop running.

Overall, the game is decent. I will be updating to 2.00 when released just for this game and in the process losing my hack. The game could use some work if another release is planned and Sony ought to consider installing clickable analog sticks on future models to really get the true feel for most of these FPSes. I am enjoying the game and will continue to do so for a while, hopefully.

Update 11/29/2012:

I've been playing this for a few weeks and have noticed a few more things that should be added.

I've been trying to play the Campaign, emphasis on trying, but it hasn't gone so well. I have only just, as of today, passed the first two campaign missions. And I am playing on Regular. The reason why it's so difficult is due to the game not having checkpoints. No matter where you are in a mission, if you die or fail the mission objective, you are required to start all over again from the very beginning. It can get very frustrating.

Using the Vita controls compared to that of a console is also a bit of a challenge. The analog sticks aren't as big and can't move as quickly and you die quite often. The game doesn't seem to have many bugs, but seems to be rushed as most Call of Duty titles are. I say rushed in that I can't believe that beta testers had an easy time playing the campaign without seeing that it needed a checkpoint system of some kind.

Also, the touch screen isn't as responsive as it ought to be. Often times, I will click the screen 2-3 times before it finally knifes someone or releases a grenade. Often times, it is the difference between life and death.

The Hostiles mode is fun, but not as fun as Zombies.

And the fact that I can't hop on my phone's WiFi hotspot really makes me enjoy the game less. I haven't played much online because whenever I'm near a hotspot, I'm usually at home and play my other consoles.

I'm not as infatuated with the game as I once was. It's a cool game and glad that they finally got a CoD title on the Vita, but it just isn't what I or many others expected. I'm unsure whether I'll keep it or sell it. I wonder if any map packs will come or any changes will be made to the game that will change my and many others' minds.

Stay tuned to this blog post for any additional information I may add in the future.

Below are some online retailers that are selling the game. Buying the game from any of these links generates revenue for us at no extra cost to you. Each link corresponds to a different seller.

Los Angeles Sprint 4G LTE Speed Tests

I mentioned about a month ago the discovery of a few new 4G LTE towers popping up around Los Angeles. Since then, I've found spots in Inglewood, South Central, Gardena, Lakewood, Long Beach, Compton, Bellflower, and a few other southern L.A. cities that are showing 4G LTE for capable Sprint devices. I mentioned in my earlier post that the signals were weak and not easy to take tests of.

Usually the rule of thumb is to do a minimum of three speed tests to determine what the average speed is. To get an average speed, simply add all three results and divide them by three to get your average speed to expect. In other areas of the country, users are saying an upwards of 20 Mbps in the download speeds. My speed tests have not gotten anywhere close to that, but the speeds are decent enough to be called fast. Here are my results below in screenshot. I took these tests on November 13th but have been going through a few things so I apologize they are late.

The speeds are not as remarkable as my first one but they are a start especially when comparing the speeds to Sprint's sub-par 3G network. The second to last picture is of all of the speed tests that I've done. Ignore the WiFi speeds for a moment and check out the first 3 speeds and the test done after the two WiFi tests. Those are the 4G speeds which are 3.62, 8.22, 4.93 Mbps download speeds. This is what matters most to us. The average is 5.59 Mbps. Not a bad connection at all. The second carrier test was done on 3G with a speed of 0.24 Mbps. I was very excited to see the 8.22 pop up.

The signal was very strong in this spot. For Bellflower locals, this is over by the new King Taco. I tried using some apps to test the speeds for myself and the bottom screenshot of a YouTube video is how long it took to load the video. Normally, that gray line that is barely visible because of the red circle is very close to the blue line which is not good if you want to watch a YouTube video uninterrupted. Normally my YouTube videos lag on 3G and I have to pause them and wait a few moments before playing them.

I've also been noticing that my 3G speeds are stronger. Not from the standpoint of tests like these, but when doing things like watching YouTube videos. My videos don't seem to lag as much as they used to. They still lag sometimes, but not all of the time.

If anyone is curious, I am running the Wicked Sensations ROM from TeamVenum with a stock kernel. I hopped on this ROM because I needed a ROM with JellyBean support and these are the same guys from my previous ROM AnaKonda which was also outstanding. When adding the ROM, I was forced in flashing some new radios for my devices. For those unaware and probably unrooted, when you update your phone with OTAs (over-the-air updates) you are accepting various updates which some also include new radios. These radios help keep your device connected with the best speeds possible as they upgrade the cell towers. I believe that my newly found speeds are the result of this new radio. For rooted users, we are required to manually add these radios in our recovery. I personally like it this way because I know what I'm updating, but for novices, it's best to accept OTA updates.

I'm noticing that Sprint is spreading out the 4G LTE network across the nation to more cities yet don't see any in New York which is a shame considering how populous it is. Verizon has, according to the Sensorly app, the best network coverage in just about any category including 4G LTE in the nation. AT&T follows, but not closely.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the 4G speeds? Does your city have it yet?

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