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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sonic Memories

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This video was so cool and brought back so many memories.

I miss the Sega Dreamcast :/

Sprint Service Review

When a company has made an impact on my life in a positive or negative way, I like to let others know about my experience. This being a blog about technology seems like the best place to talk about my experience with Sprint as a wireless customer for a few years.

I've been a Sprint customer since about 2009 when I was persuaded by a Radio Shack employee to switch from Boost Mobile to Sprint. Wanting a better phone...I proceeded to sign up for Sprint and received my first phone, the Samsung Instinct s30. Needless to say, the phone was a piece of crap even for it's time when Android and iPhone were just starting out. The reviews kept calling it the "iPhone killer" but it was nothing comparable to the iPhone. Later I moved to the Samsung Moment which became my first Android device.

Sprint had been there for me throughout each part of these steps and delivered fairly well service. For $69.99, it was really good. On top of the $69, I added the Sprint insurance plan for an additional $11 each month and used it for a few times on each of my devices. Personally, that has stuck with me and kept me from moving to other networks. Sprint's customer service has been really good as well. I have never gotten off of the phone and felt cheated. Only once was I disappointed and that was due to a large number of dropped calls and Sprint customer service explained that the area was under maintenance and that only lasted for a few more days.

The thing that I love most about Sprint is that if you search for information and find answers, you can find things about Sprint representatives that will help you in tremendous ways such as them giving extra time to pay off bills, their bills and "warnings" being false and them keeping service on for longer than said allowed time, as well as giving out free Airave devices to increase connectivity at home via a router. I received one of these devices for free about 6 months ago when the devices usually go for $249. However, the device is not as good as it sounds because it is slow and slowed down my home's internet connection.

With the way that wireless carriers are going, I'm very happy and pleased to be with Sprint. I talk to people on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile that are angry over the recent changes in their bills and connectivity. Sprint has tried their best to please the customer while being able to cut back in areas to save money and has been very smart about it all. Sprint has made some risky decisions such as buying so many iPhones but they proved us wrong because they sold most, if not all, of those iPhones that they bought.

While Sprint is a great company, I only stay with them because of the unlimited data. If that goes, I will be leaving Sprint even if I am grandfathered in. But don't get me wrong, I like Sprint but I just won't tolerate being without unlimited data or with being forced to switch from 4G>3G>2G for too much data usage like other carriers just to show the carriers that I don't appreciate the changes and have other options.

I have turned on at least two close friends to Sprint as well as caused others to ask more about Sprint plans due to the way that their carriers have been treating them. Hopefully things don't change because I am enjoying my experience. The one thing that I would complain about is the price, but at the same time, when looking at the competition, I have it good by seeing good prices and a great value. I rarely lose connectivity and Sprint has made it great for us, customers, in allowing us free, unlimited data/calls/etc. when roaming that I hope they never change. I would definitely continue recommending their service as long as they continue to keep these better prices and great, and truly unlimited plans.

Thanks, Sprint, for the great service over the years.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cloud: Who Owns the Uploaded Material?

I'll be honest and straightforward with my readers that I'm not much of a fan of the least being used completely without physical storage drives like we have now. I do enjoy Google Music (now known as Play Music or something like that) as well as Clouds used for storage space like back-ups.

But this is something that I never thought about: who owns and is responsible for your uploaded content?

It's been common sense that you shouldn't upload material that you don't own or own the license for which is why torrent sites are being attacked, the LimeWire service was legally shut down, as well as upload sites like MegaUpload have been taken down. It's been common sense because this information is pretty well open to any and all peoples such as law enforcement to download and check out which can lead to legal troubles.

But who owns and is responsible for your uploaded content? According to the LA Times article, it varies upon each service's EULA. With services like Google's newest Cloud service, Google has written that "When you upload or otherwise submit content to our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content." To me, this scares me especially if I was working on a patent or new innovation/invention/program. This would mean, at least to me, that Google has the right to use your information. Is that scary to you too or did you translate that to something else?

Other Cloud services say something similar to Google's and others say that they will not use your uploaded content at all except to modify it to work with their systems.

What do you guys think of this? What do you think of the Cloud in general?

Monday, April 23, 2012

VHBL Files Released for Super Collapse 3

Wololo released the files for the VHBL today and I have successfully installed it.

Wololo's directions were fairly easy but needed a bit more explanation for me. Others it seems to have worked out great.

You can visit his blog for more information on the release. Thank him, thecobra, and any others who were involved in this hack. I'm just someone else who helped announce it.

Unfortunately if you weren't able to get Super Collapse 3 onto your PlayStation Vita right now, you'll have to wait a little longer for another release if any more are to be released.

I tried Doom and Lamecraft and Doom was really fun. I ran into some installation problems with Lamecraft but fixed them and got the game working. I started to play until the game froze on me. The PSP emulator had froze because the PS Vita part worked fine (in terms of being able to exit the game).

I'm going to try some more homebrews such as a Nintendo 64 emulator. I've got to say that these people have been doing a fine job and I truly do thank them for their work.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

VHBL Title Name Released!!

Wololo has announced the name of the PS Vita game that will allow for an upcoming exploit. Wololo says to sit tight and wait a bit but buy the game before Sony pulls it!! Read here for his announcement.


Props to the Little Guys Out There!

I have about 4 SATA Hard Drives lying around the house and I've been trying to format them until I remembered today that I had Linux Ubuntu installed on my computer in VirtualBox and Linux is said to be very good at formatting drives.

So I hook up the HD and start up Ubuntu's "Disk Utility" and proceed to format the partition. I have been trying for years to format these things and it takes Disk Utility to format one of them in under 30 seconds. I am using it as an external HD and it runs like new. Simply amazing. I have lost all respect for Microsoft.

I'm really starting to see the beauty in individuals' work over what large corporations are doing. Projects like Linux's OS have blown me away at how powerful and well made the system is.

I bought Grand Theft Auto IV a few weeks ago and used a mod for it that allows its engine to be used with GTA San Andreas' map and it is amazing. I mean, props to Rockstar for the great games but look at what these guys are doing in their spare time and not even asking for a dime!

Even to the guys who aren't doing anything but are working towards something...thank you for your work anyway and good luck to you in future projects. You guys are amazing and I love following your projects.

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Interface for Blogger Starts Today

As some of you already know, this website, currently, is built and running from Blogger had created a new interface for writing new blogs and that change has been forced on us users as of today.

Personally, I liked the old interface and waited as long as I could before switching. But now I'll have to get used to this one.

This is a screenshot of the new interface.

Below is a screenshot of the older interface.

(I censored sections of each to keep information about me private.)

Changes to other websites are forced on users this month such as within Facebook. Facebook has forced every user to use the Timeline version of the profile versus the original profile layout.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Good or bad?

I personally liked the old (as I do with most of these website changes) but begin to like the changes later.

PlayStation Suite Open Beta Out Now

Click here for link to Sony's article.

Sony's PlayStation Suite is now available to developers in beta form. The program is said to allow people to create third party apps and other things for Sony's various PlayStation related products.

Many developers have already expressed their disapproval of the software mostly due to the nature of Sony's overbearing behavior similar to Apple's attitude towards hackers of its products. Sony has made many regulations regarding the program that have caused many to not even bother using it.

The PlayStation Suite is said to help aiding in creating apps, games, and others for products such as the PlayStation Vita as well as Sony's PlayStation Suite that is to be launched for Android devices such as Sony's Xperia PLAY. The Suite will allow gamers to play PlayStation classics on their phones as well as perform other actions.

Anyone planning on checking out the software and becoming a developer for Sony? I'm excited about developers in general whether they be hackers or non-hackers and I can't wait for Sony to finally allow third party apps on their products.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Demon Hunter: True Defiance (Review)

Demon Hunter dropped a new album last week titled True Defiance. I bought it today and listened to it front start to finish and am ready to blog about it.

To be truthful, DH's last CD was quite a disappointment. It was too mellow for me but I found a few songs that I liked and others that grew on me as time went on. But it wasn't a bad album for sure.

But what's weird is that this album is too hard for me. I love heavy, heart pounding metal but I don't like tracks where the entire track is screaming and pounding drums and bass. I prefer to have that then some mellow acoustics or something a bit softer mid-way through the song then get hard again. DH didn't do this with their album. It's a good album for sure. One of their best no doubt. Just not my style. I imagine in the coming weeks, I'll find more songs that I enjoy and grow on me. Remember that this is a first time go through for me.

As for content, it's Demon Hunter. They've got Christian undertones in the songs and I don't have to search for them. I haven't listened to and read the lyrics yet but I already know how they are unless they changed which they don't seem to.

Would I recommend the CD? Definitely. To a regular Demon Hunter fan? Yes, I would recommend the album.

Also posted here on The Thoughts of ndh777.

Review; Heavy Fire: Afghanistan for PlayStation 3 with Move

I'd like to do some reviews on items such as video games when possible here on this blog. Let me start off with this title Heavy Fire: Afghanistan.

What can I say? I had no idea that I was buying a game like this.

I was in Best Buy earlier today and saw this game and thought I'd get was only $20. I get home and I pop it in my PlayStation 3 hoping to play a game similar to Call of Duty or Battlefield...nope. The game plays more like an arcade shooter like one of these types of games. The idea was to bring these into your home, unfortunately, they should've made it clearer what this game was like on the package.

Don't get me wrong, I love these types of arcades but when I buy a game, I get into a mode thinking of playing that game and get pumped up to play that...sometimes it's an open world mode like GTA or Mercenaries and sometimes it's a shooter like CoD or Battlefield and sometimes it's one of these stand still shooters. So I got into this mode thinking that I was going to play a game where I ran around and had more strategy than just sitting there and shooting mindlessly. If I bought it knowing what it was going to be, it probably wouldn't have such a low opinion in my mind.

I asked my brother what type of game he'd compare this game to and he said M.A.G. when seeing the front cover and then Call of Duty when he saw the back cover. The game box is very misleading. The back of it shows traditional first person shooter clips and images from the side view of a gun however the game doesn't even play like this.

The game starts you out by dropping you out of a helicopter and you proceed in running with a bunch of U.S. troops and Humvees to the location. I got there and I was wondering why I couldn't move, then it finally hit me what kind of game this really is. That's really why they add Move isn't much fun with a controller. The way that the "AI" react is humorous. Doom's AI is more advanced than this one. The enemy stands there and shoots. No ducking, no dodging, no running towards you...nothing. Once in a while, some of the NPCs will move behind a cover. There are no backup squads either. When moving, you can shoot and if you shoot a friendly, you lose points. I saw no real indication of losing health when shot at either. I died eventually and right before that is when I noticed that I was dying. You can quite literally stand in the same spot for the whole round and still's that unrealistic. It may get harder as you progress but this was so stupid and pointless that I had to turn it off. I have not used the Move controllers yet. I plan to sell this game immediately.

The game is all around terrible. I might not have such a bad opinion of the game if I knew what I was buying but then again, it handled pretty poorly anyway.

I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone unless you really love these types of games.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fake YouTube Spam E-mails

I have been getting a few of these e-mails recently and they look very legit until you see where it takes careful out there.

What you can do to be aware of these scams is doing this...take your cursor and hover over any (I suggest all of the links) and somewhere near the bottom of your web browser's corner should be a bubble that pops up telling you where this link will take you. For me, on the latest version of Firefox, mine is at the bottom left hand corner. It says "" when hovering over the "" link. The link is fake is what I'm trying to tell you.

Usually these will take you to a different site and do one of two things:
-The link's website will look like YouTube and ask for your login. When you try to login, it may say something like, "Server down." or "Wrong password/e-mail" because all this did was log your information, it wasn't going to log you in even if you did have the correct information. Best thing to do is to visit YouTube's website by physically typing it into your address bar "" and make sure not to make any mistakes.
-The link will take you to a completely different website. It is best not to click the link at all in the first place but if you do and this happens immediately exit the browser/webpage/do something to get off of that webpage. Because they could upload cookies, viruses, or other types of information to your computer without you even realizing it.

If you get any e-mails like this, visit the webpage for yourself by typing it into the address bar for yourself. Clicking links in e-mails is not a good idea anymore after scammers have done stuff like this.

Clicking on the spam button or blocking the sender doesn't work either. If you look closely, you'll notice that the sender of this e-mail is from a legit YouTube e-mail. Spamming/blocking the e-mail will only block YouTube from getting to you. If you don't have a YouTube account, spamming/blocking the e-mail will not affect you unless you plan to contact YouTube or get a YouTube account in the future.

Be very cautious with any e-mails that you get even if they come from trusted friends and family. This particular e-mail has been hacked a few times and sent e-mails to everyone I know. Luckily my uncle alerted me to it once after his virus program alerted him to it. Opening up an e-mail inside of your e-mail provider's box will not necessarily give you a virus, but clicking links, downloading attachments, and the like will certainly help. Use common sense when receiving e-mails.

When on a website, and you feel uneasy, check your address bar very closely. If you are on a site like, check the URL in the address bar. Sometimes it may say or or something like this. Upon glancing at these, you don't notice the errors until you look very closely. Most websites have caught onto these scams and bought up similar domains (a domain and URL are the "www.domain/" located within your address bar). With Wells Fargo, the bank, I noticed that they bought up similar domains like or to prevent people from accidentally going to a scam that will steal their information. But still, be careful and double check everything before just clicking and sending information away.

1.67 VHBL is Available!

I was on one website and someone mistakenly leaked the info that the "1.67 VHBL is out and is great." This was a user and a mod of the page locked the comment so keep your eyes peeled!! The update is coming very soon :D is Swarming is swarming right now with visitors. Trying to get onto the sites gives anyone an error because of so much traffic.

Anyone know if he released the name yet? I can't get onto the website or forums!

Tupac Live 2012

For my regular readers, they may be confused why I'd post a musical article here but it gets tricky.

For those of you that don't know, Tupac died back in the mid-90's when shot to death in Las Vegas. But they have a live performance of Tupac here in 2012!!

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(I'll try getting a better video when it becomes available. I don't know why the link isn't working either, here's a link to the video itself.)

Okay, so the catch is that it's not actually Tupac in his physical body, it's a hologram on stage. Pretty cool stuff. One of my friends is a performer and either he was at the Coachella show watching or got to perform and told us about it. Check it out!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rejoice 1.67 PS Vita Users!

PS Vita hacker, Wololo, has been hard at work with other hackers in getting a new hack working on the Playstation Vita that will allow homebrew.

For those that have been following, this will be the third announcement and third time trying to get a hack working on the console.

The first announcement included using the PSP downloaded game Motorstorm Arctic Edge. Basically these hacks are done by purchasing these games from the PSN store and then going into the game and uploading a game save into the game that allows the user to unlock certain parts of the system. Sony has been doing their homework and keeping up since the first hackers on the PSP that this hack only unlocks the PSP emulator built within the PS Vita. It does not unlock the whole PS Vita itself. No hack has been released as of now that completely allows access to any and every area of the PS Vita's system. We may or may not see one this year that allows such. Within hours of the announcement, Sony had found out about the exploit and removed Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the Playstation Store. Those who had purchased the title will now have no way of re-downloading the original game to their PS Vita through any known means whether it be computer, Playstation 3, or PSN.

The second announcement was only for those with European accounts. Anyone with a Vita can reset their Vita and change the region on it to be used with a Japan, European, or any other account. It's a hard and long process but for some it was well worth it. For those thinking of trying this:
1. The game has also been removed within hours of announcement
2. In order to purchase the game, even though in a foreign market, you will need either a credit card from this region or a PSN redeem card for the specific region.

Sony has been on their P's and Q's. I have been patiently waiting for a hack to the system by staying on version 1.61 but this has been tested and said to run on 1.67. And since I don't have a proxy, I'll need to update to download whatever title this new hack will be.

Wololo will announce this PSP title in the next couple of days, so stay tuned to his blog if you'd like to be one of the lucky few to get the title. Remember that Sony may remove the game from their store after you purchase and you may never get a refund from Sony as many people have had happen recently.

*Wololo has made it clear that the exploits that he releases like these do not allow piracy. They will not even help people to go further and try to unlock the PS Vita for piracy. If you are getting this hoping to get some free PS Vita games, you will be sorry. Again, this only unlocks the PSP emulator within the Playstation Vita's system which then allows it to play other older games like for the NES and other homebrew games.

Anyone excited for this release? I know I am! What are your thoughts on the Vita? Do you think we will ever see a true Vita hack that opens the whole system for us?

Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas Mod

Check it out.

So I bought Grand Theft Auto IV from Amazon today since it was cheap. I've been following this special mod project since I saw it on YouTube a few months ago but was waiting for the perfect time to get a copy of GTA IV (which you will need for this mod).

For fans of the older Grand Theft Autos, especially San Andreas like myself, you will love this mod. Although it is still in it's second beta stage with a 3rd beta coming in June 2012, the game does an excellent job of mixing the two games together to get the best of both worlds.

GTA IV's gaming engine is used and GTA SA's map are mixed together. Graphics, vehicles, sounds, and much more are borrowed from IV while map, CJ (main character of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas), and others are borrowed from San Andreas. Best of all, the mod is free to use as long as you have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV. A special thanks to the brilliant and creative minds behind this project for their hard work on the project. I know that the 3rd beta will have even more to offer than this 2nd beta has.

Like most betas and games in general, there are glitches to be aware of.
-while in CJ's house in the upstairs, CJ walked along the side of the wall until he began walking on the ceiling, a grenade caused CJ to die and respawn in the same spot except this time on top of the roof.
-a large majority of the vehicles are the same everywhere that you go
-pedestrians can be found in the areas of Los Santos and the Grove gang's hood but going to other places (I visited "Las Vegas") did not have pedestrians
-while walking on the Los Santos airport, CJ fell through the ground in random places for an infinite amount of time then finally falling back onto the tarmac
-no airplanes were to be found on the airport
-often times, you will not be able to get into a vehicle from the drivers' side but getting into the passenger's side seems to always work
-police aren't always responsive
-sometimes shots fired from you to an NPC or shots fired from an NPC to you can sometimes not register as being a hit no matter where your character stands
-I have not found any way to save the game although there is no story-mode yet
-sometimes Niko's (main character from GTA IV) voice can be heard coming from CJ
...a few other problems that I haven't encountered yet and others that aren't as bothersome.

Even with all of these problems, the game is very nice. My laptop can handle the graphics on medium level and run pretty well. The graphics have been much more improved to a sub-par version of GTA IV standards. The game is definitely playable as well as enjoyable to a GTA fan like myself.

Has anyone else used this mod? What do you think of this mod? Any other mods for GTA IV that have got your attention?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Playstation Orbis/PS4

PS4, Playstation 4, Playstation Orbis...whatever name you'd like to name it is said to come in the 2013 holiday season almost two years from now.

Hardware specs have been rumored by various tech sites as well as rumors stating that the next Playstation will:
1. Not be backwards compatible with PS3 games
2. Will not allow used games to run on its system.

If these rumors are true, it is safe to assume that we may see less people have an interest in the console and more in rival consoles like the Xbox 720 said to come out around the same time.

What do you guys think about these rumors? Are there any other rumors that you have to share about the console?

Spring Sale Games Marked at Food Prices!! (PC Downloads)

For my fellow PC gamers, I would like to share a link to a blog that has links to Amazon Spring Sales. Please go by clicking his link and not just going to Amazon's site. Clicking his links helps him get revenue at no additional cost to you. You'll be getting some great games for super cheap. I bought GTA IV for $4.99!!

This offer only is for U.S. customers though and most are for PC only. I saw one for a Mac download.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts on Camping?

I told you guys that I got Battlefield 3 a few days ago and it's been pretty fun. I stopped playing the Campaign because it just wasn't fun enough. But the online multiplayer is definitely where it's at.

Unlike Call of Duty, I don't hear little children cussing and screaming over their mics, I don't feel cheated because some guy found a glitch, I don't feel cheated when killed because people can't just run up behind you 100% of the time and knife you to death, among many other ups that I was really upset with when playing Call of Duty games. But campers are here too and I absolutely hated them then as much as I do now. Luckily, the designers of Battlefield 3 made it harder to camp by making maps larger and allowing more players to play in a single round, at least this is what seems to be decreasing the camping.

I played on a map earlier today that did have a few of our teammates camping in an area. But the way that they were able to camp so well and hold their ground was by having I and a few other people nearby to guard them from attack because their position was pretty well open. We must have got a good 30+ kills just from sitting here for each person which totals to about 90 kills. But our spree was finished when the enemy got smart about where we were hiding and ganged up on us. They lost about 2 guys and we lost everyone. But it was fun and it encouraged players to make strategic plans and organize against the enemy. However, one map, known as Noshahr Canals, allows for some massive and very unfriendly campers. For those of you who haven't played, this map is set in an industrial harbor complete with a train yard, ships in the sea, crates both open and closed which form a death maze of some sort, and a crane. One of Battlefield 3's coolest innovations was allowing players to parachute into battle. This allows people to parachute onto the crane and get some great snipes on some unsuspecting persons below. What makes it so wrong, in my opinion, is that they are so high up and there is so little area for us to shoot them and so much for them to shoot us. The only ways to combat this are sniping them which has been challenging consider my low level and their superior levels of 40 and beyond, their ability to see the entire battlefield from high up above everything to snipe in between small spaces including underneath a train out of sight (not sure how he got me), and their ability to have better weapons than players like I who have snipers that take two shots to their head for them to die and one shot to my head for me to die. Also, they can just move when hit behind something and I cannot move out of their way as easily. Or you can use rockets to shoot towards them however not many have been successful at this. Or you can parachute to them which I have not been able to do due to my low level. thoughts on camping within games like this in this kind of setting are that they shouldn't be allowed. The designers should send out patches to patch up areas like this to reduce the number of people who get up here to have an unfair advantage.

I do hate the occasional guy who snipes me from an unsuspecting place then moves to avoid me coming back after his ass, but at least I can eventually get him sooner or later. The guy on the crane? Not so much.

So what do you guys think of camping and campers? I was actually quite surprised that so many people aren't really against it within games. But then again, I suppose that we have done it at least once or twice or have been mistaken for a camper.

I've heard of some games taking measures to stop camping like making players lose health when standing still, but I don't think it should ever be taken to that length. At the same time, this is supposed to be a simulated reality of a real battlefield and there are times where people will have these "unfair advantages" over their enemy in the real world so I really can't complain since I do enjoy the realism.

So anyway, back to the question, what do you guys think of camping?

Caine's Arcade

In a world where so much negativity exists, it's always nice to see something like this. A special thanks to FormerConservative for sharing this video with his readers.

Luckily I'm in the area and I hope to stop by to see this arcade for myself. He's such a smart kid, I truly hope his fun business takes off. Good for him and that father for helping his creativity! Something we could definitely use.

Google vs. Bing

I've used all three search engines since I began using the internet in the mid-2000's. I used Google most of all but I've switched to Bing in the last year and have enjoyed using it.

I use almost all of these search engine's free e-mail services for many various e-mails and each has their strengths.

Most people seem to use Google and people often ask me why I use Bing. I switched to Bing for political reasons...I didn't agree with a lot that Google was doing but I agreed more so with Microsoft so I went with Bing; plus I wanted to try out the engine and ever since then have been using it.

On occasion, I will use one of the other guys. However, I realize that I haven't listed any of the other guys like Dogpile, Ask, Yahoo, or AOL simply because Dogpile is a great search engine that combines all of the most popular engines while Ask is not really one of my favorites and I have never really used it. Yahoo and AOL are okay but not widely used nor widely accepted. AOL has begun doing things like Dogpile in that they incorporate more than one search engine into one. At least, that's what I saw last time I checked.

Differences that I have seen between all mentioned are that Bing uses a more, less advanced user layout. Bing was designed for the common folk that don't know a whole lot about computers and technical terms. Searching for basic things like "I want to buy an ice cream" will find ice cream stores nearby. While Googling this will retrieve statements on the web by people typing "I want to buy an ice cream". I have noticed that Google has begun to be more like Bing in that they have made their searches more friendly to less advanced users. Searching for translations or definitions on either will yield you results for those exact definitions and translations in the very first couple of search lines.

When I use maps, I do prefer Google over Bing. Google has a much more friendly layout, possibly because I've been using it so long vs. Bing's being more complicated and not so new. Sadly, Google has begun copying Bing's map layout such as not remembering preferences as well as it used to. I like to view maps in hybrid mode where satellite images are used but regular map street names and such are used on the map. Google has begun doing what Bing has been doing where it will automatically go back to default and be in that old maps view.

For images, I like both. Bing has a bit more complicated structure in how it utilizes viewing pictures. Google has always done the traditional "Google bar" at the top of the original website's link with a view of the picture and other features. When you try to view the image full size, it usually sticks the picture in the top left hand corner and maximizes from there on a white background. Bing has made it so that the picture is directly in the middle of your screen on a gray background. For different pictures, it can vary upon which search engine is "best" in opinion.

For videos, Google seems to lose since most of their results come from YouTube. (Google owns YouTube so you can see why they promote that video website above others.) Bing seems to win here because their video search allows previews of videos when hovering the cursor over the thumbnail of a video link. However, I do not appreciate the fact that it opens the video within Bing's website rather than taking you directly to the website. You can always click a button and go there but Google sends you directly to the website, last time that I checked and I prefer that style more.

But I've come to tolerate Bing above all. I still use the other search engines if I don't get my desired results from Bing or someone sends me a link with Google search.

I think to say whether one is best above another is all based on personal opinion. Some even like the other search engines more so than Google or Bing but since I use these two more, I chose these two to write about.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mulitplayer Anyone?!?!

My birthday was last month and my brother forgot to buy me a present so today we went to GameStop, Best Buy, and a few other places until I finally decided that I wanted to get Battlefield 3. I had not gotten it yet simply because I wanted the price to go down a bit, EA to work out the bugs, get more of a sense as to whether the game was any good or not, among other reasons. But I finally got it.

My brother and I decided to just go for the used version since it's always typically been the same. I can do without the special add-ons and such that come with brand new packaging and GameStop has a great return policy on used games. Luckily the guy at the front counter played Battlefield 3 before and told us about the fact that buying the used version will cause us to have to buy the online pass if we want to play online. So instead we went with the brand new one.

I remember back when all this started with Homefront. Not only was the game terrible, but I was wondering what happened to the multiplayer and why it was so lame without this "code". Ever since then, I've seen more and more video game publishers add these things into games where you must either buy the game brand new or purchase an online pass.

Seriously, how dumb is this? You pay $40+ for a game and find out that you have to pay an additional price to play online. But this post isn't so much about the greed involved as much as what has happened to multiplayer over the years.

My brother and I always loved playing multiplayer games since we were very young playing on the OG Super Nintendo. When we later got the Gamecube and original Xbox, we played even more games that were multiplayer. If a game didn't have multiplayer, it was usually not one of our choices to buy. Even still to this day, our choices often revolve around this. He has an Xbox 360 as do I (plus my Playstation 3 and other game systems) but we still look for games that are local (local meaning using one console but two or more controllers) multiplayer. Online is cool, but sometimes it's nice to play with a friendly face and not have to purchase two copies of the same game. We have done that in the past for games such as Crackdown and Crackdown 2 where it was great by itself but even better together and we played enough individually that we got our use out of each copy. But that is rare.

Most of the games that I pick up nowadays, I toss off to the side because they lack local multiplayer.

I understand that most people probably don't enjoy local multiplayer as much as they do online and that the companies make more because more copies are bought, but there are people like me that do care about little things like local multiplayer.

What are your thoughts on local multiplayer and multiplayer in general? Do you think that things are better than they were before or we're going in the opposite direction?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter/Resurrection Day/Passover/etc.

Happy Resurrection Day to all of my Christian readers.
Happy Passover to all of my Jewish readers.
Happy Easter to all others who celebrate today.

I hope that you have a very nice day and spend time with those that you love. I probably won't post until sometime next week so until then, have a very blessed and wonderful day.

ndh777's Interests (Technology)

I gave you guys an introduction into the blog but I didn't give you an introduction into what interests I share in technology.

Video gaming has to be number one on the list. The systems that I own are as follows:
-PC (currently a 64-bit Windows 7)
-Xbox 360 Slim 320GB
-Playstation 3 Slim 160GB
-Playstation Vita Wifi
-Android phone (currently the HTC Evo 4G)
-Gameboy Pocket (haven't touched in years but still own it)
-Gameboy Advance (somewhere)
I used to have the Wii, a Nintendo DSi, Super Nintendo, Playstation 3 40GB fat, original Xbox 360, Xbox original, and I think that's it. Surprisingly, I never owned a Playstation 1 or 2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, or the OG fat Gameboy. People always looked at me strange when I said the "Gameboy pocket" because they thought it was either the Gameboy Color or the origial Gameboy. As you can tell, I'm not too fond of Nintendo products. I'm more into the 3D and CD games which Nintendo doesn't usually have. When I had the Wii, I was really impressed for the first couple of days until I started realizing that none of the games were games that I liked. Most of them are for kids or families that play together of which I do not belong in. I'm more into the open world type of games like Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3, or the first person shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, or Killzone. I enjoy games that allow open ended storylines where you can do more even though you beat the game most of all. That should cover video games.

I also enjoy the hacking scene. I'd like to elaborate more upon the issue of hacking and piracy later on throughout this blog as it means a whole lot to me and it really is a shame that our media portrays everyone who is advanced as being someone who wants to steal information from you or wants to give you a virus or steals movies and music. So I'll elaborate more on the issue in the upcoming blog posts.

At home, I am often the one that friends and family call when something happens to their electronic and they need it back up and running. Usually to set up a DVD player, or a Blu-Ray player, a new game system, a television, a cable system, or whatever. It's funny at how little people know about this kind of stuff and how easy it is to do the repair or customization. Usually I find tutorials online like the web in general or YouTube and that's how I learn to do X. If you need any help on any project, let me know and I'll try directing you to a tutorial to help you in that area.

I am really into cell phones. When the iPhone first came out, it was the one thing that I wanted. Then when the G1, the first Android phone, was released, I wanted that even more. I got an iPod Touch and that's what got me into hacking. I wanted to see more and I wanted to do more with my iPod Touch because I knew that it had lots of potential so I jailbroke it. I kept that for a time then went on to get my first "smartphone" which was the Samsung s30. I tried so hard to find ways of getting apps onto it and porting the Android OS to it but it just wasn't possible. So I began looking for an Android phone that I could afford. At the time, I got a new buddy to work beside at my job and he had Sprint like me but he had the Samsung Moment which was the most awesome phone I had ever seen. I wanted it so bad that I went on Craigslist and found a guy and bought it off of him. I used it for a while then discovered that it too could be hacked via a process known as "rooting". I rooted my phone and it was amazing. I unlocked it to its full potential and began seeing different ways to customize it. The phone was a bit buggy and my contract allowed me for a new phone and I had been wanting the new Evo 4G so I went ahead and bought it and again rooted it before even using it. Ever since then, about two years ago, I've been heavily involved in the rooting community. Getting information from others as well as helping others learn how to root themselves. That has caused me to want to write more which ended up giving me this blog.

Rooting my Android phone was fun and the effects of it caused me to want even more. I had kept hearing people talk about Linux for years and finally decided to give it a try on my computer. I installed Ubuntu into my old computer, side by side with Windows 7 and began using it. It was literally one of the nicest operating systems I had ever used. There are a few problems which I'll discuss later but it was a great OS to run on a computer especially one that was as slow as that one. That computer finally crashed on me and I went ahead and got this computer a few weeks ago. When I got this one, I installed all of my usual startup programs that I install then I proceeded to install Ubuntu yet again but ran into some problems that dealt with my hardware of the computer. Finally, I was able to get Ubuntu running on my computer just a little over two days ago via VirtualBox and have been toying with it ever since.

I have a few other interests that will pop up as this blog continues on.

If you plan on sticking around for my other future posts, tell me a little bit about your technological interests. What interests you most. I'd like this blog to, of course, be about stuff that I enjoy but also centered around what my readers want to read about. Not saying that I'll tell you what you want to hear, but that I'll try focusing on topics that are appealing to the majority of my readers.

Thanks for reading another one of my posts!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

HTC's New Device?

It's been a good two years since the HTC Evo 4G launched on Sprint's network. Around that time is when I upgraded to it from my Samsung Instinct s30 and was thrilled and blown away by how powerful the phone was. To me and almost everyone that saw it, it was the greatest phone ever created. Even some of my buddies with iPhones were getting a little jealous ;)

Ever since then, I've been mostly happy with my phone. In the past year (and after two replacements), I'm seeing this phone as outdated and buggy and looking at what phone to get when I get my 2 year upgrade in August. I was thinking about the iPhone but I know that the 4G model will be coming really soon so there's no point in getting the 3G model this soon when it'll be outdated quickly. And after taking very close looks at iOS software versus Android software, I prefer Android's for the most part. The customization and Google's leniency towards its users, hacker, advanced, and casual, have been the absolute most attractive things about the operating system for me. I like some of the iOS exclusive apps and popularity but I also like being unique. So I'm looking more at Android devices. Plus I have more of a variety of phones to choose from than just two models when it comes to Android. HTC has blown me away. Before the HTC Evo 4G, I would have never chosen an HTC device. But this and other phones have blown me away.

The Evo 4G's "sequels" or "spinoffs" have been interesting prior to release but have failed to grab my attention as my next phone:
-HTC Evo 4G Shift
-HTC Evo 4G Design
-HTC Evo 3D
--have all done pretty poorly at grabbing my attention. The Evo 3D was the only one out of the bunch that really had me going and wanting to get it after its release. But the fact that none of these had kickstands was a major part of me not wanting to "upgrade". The fact that the Shift didn't have a front camera caused me to not want to upgrade. The fact that all of these phones seem to have smaller screens made me not want to change. But that all seems like it's going to change for the next release...

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="213" src="" width="360"></iframe>

It seems like HTC has heard our cries and has begun working on a new project for us Evo lovers out there. My cousin had to get a replacement and the only replacement she could get was to the Evo 3D. She misses the original one as I suspected. The Evo 4G was the reason she came to Sprint in the first place and was the reason that I stayed with Sprint and didn't leave. This is truly a flagship phone.

So to anyone working for HTC...consider this my personal plea. I'd love to have a phone almost exactly like the original 4G phone that you guys first released. This video gives me hope for that phone.

Other than that...this video was really cool. I never really thought about how the design process goes at HTC or any company for that matter. It was great to see what kinds of things they wanted for future devices and how the process went. I'd love to see more of these videos. The concept designs they create are unbelievable! I'd love to also see what their drawing books look like. There must be some really cool designs that will probably never truly get made.

Copied from The Thoughts of ndh777 at the post entitled My Next Phone.


Updated January 2, 2014
I've been blogging and writing for websites for a few years now and I decided to split up my blog so that I could expand my audience and allow the audiences to not mix together.

Other than that, I was hoping to make this blog more tech friendly. More of a place where people could come and get some tech news.

In terms of tech, I'd like to focus on stories that have to do with the gaming scene, the hacking scene, technology in general, and many more places of our technological areas of society. Since I live in the United States, most of my information will be from or having to do with the U.S. Of course many innovations and inventions are produced in other countries like Japan so news from these areas will also be discussed.

I will try to leave the comments open but they will be moderated. What this means is that my posts will be open to all comments but I reserve the right to delete comments at will. If this bothers you, my only suggestion to you is to find another place to share your thoughts. This is not to say that I will delete comments that I necessarily disagree with but rather comments that may offend other members, comments that are obviously spam or advertisement for another website...just use common sense when posting please. *By commenting to any of my entries, you are agreeing to everything written in this particular blog post whether or not you have read this entry.* In this particular post, "We", "Our", "Us", "me", "I", and "here" refers to the authors/writers/administrators/and website of "" and "". We reserve the right to change any information here at our will with or without notice. This blog is for educational purposes only. This blog and its authors are not responsible for the actions and words of anyone who may follow the information written here. All laws applicable apply to all readers of this blog. This blog and its author(s) do not condone any activities that may be deemed illegal in their respective areas. No information may be duplicated without prior written consent from the author(s) of this blog. All information posted here from other sources belongs to their respective owners and is not copied with intent of copyright infringement.

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Needless to say, my posts will not be professionally written. You may see me write things such as "lol" or "haha" or not use all of the proper grammar just as I just did.

Feel free to bring up stories that I may have overlooked or other things that seem interesting to you on any of my entries as long as they are within guidelines listed here.

Without further to do, I present the opening to Whenever I Feel Like It: Tech Edition!

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