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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Demon Hunter: True Defiance (Review)

Demon Hunter dropped a new album last week titled True Defiance. I bought it today and listened to it front start to finish and am ready to blog about it.

To be truthful, DH's last CD was quite a disappointment. It was too mellow for me but I found a few songs that I liked and others that grew on me as time went on. But it wasn't a bad album for sure.

But what's weird is that this album is too hard for me. I love heavy, heart pounding metal but I don't like tracks where the entire track is screaming and pounding drums and bass. I prefer to have that then some mellow acoustics or something a bit softer mid-way through the song then get hard again. DH didn't do this with their album. It's a good album for sure. One of their best no doubt. Just not my style. I imagine in the coming weeks, I'll find more songs that I enjoy and grow on me. Remember that this is a first time go through for me.

As for content, it's Demon Hunter. They've got Christian undertones in the songs and I don't have to search for them. I haven't listened to and read the lyrics yet but I already know how they are unless they changed which they don't seem to.

Would I recommend the CD? Definitely. To a regular Demon Hunter fan? Yes, I would recommend the album.

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