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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fake YouTube Spam E-mails

I have been getting a few of these e-mails recently and they look very legit until you see where it takes careful out there.

What you can do to be aware of these scams is doing this...take your cursor and hover over any (I suggest all of the links) and somewhere near the bottom of your web browser's corner should be a bubble that pops up telling you where this link will take you. For me, on the latest version of Firefox, mine is at the bottom left hand corner. It says "" when hovering over the "" link. The link is fake is what I'm trying to tell you.

Usually these will take you to a different site and do one of two things:
-The link's website will look like YouTube and ask for your login. When you try to login, it may say something like, "Server down." or "Wrong password/e-mail" because all this did was log your information, it wasn't going to log you in even if you did have the correct information. Best thing to do is to visit YouTube's website by physically typing it into your address bar "" and make sure not to make any mistakes.
-The link will take you to a completely different website. It is best not to click the link at all in the first place but if you do and this happens immediately exit the browser/webpage/do something to get off of that webpage. Because they could upload cookies, viruses, or other types of information to your computer without you even realizing it.

If you get any e-mails like this, visit the webpage for yourself by typing it into the address bar for yourself. Clicking links in e-mails is not a good idea anymore after scammers have done stuff like this.

Clicking on the spam button or blocking the sender doesn't work either. If you look closely, you'll notice that the sender of this e-mail is from a legit YouTube e-mail. Spamming/blocking the e-mail will only block YouTube from getting to you. If you don't have a YouTube account, spamming/blocking the e-mail will not affect you unless you plan to contact YouTube or get a YouTube account in the future.

Be very cautious with any e-mails that you get even if they come from trusted friends and family. This particular e-mail has been hacked a few times and sent e-mails to everyone I know. Luckily my uncle alerted me to it once after his virus program alerted him to it. Opening up an e-mail inside of your e-mail provider's box will not necessarily give you a virus, but clicking links, downloading attachments, and the like will certainly help. Use common sense when receiving e-mails.

When on a website, and you feel uneasy, check your address bar very closely. If you are on a site like, check the URL in the address bar. Sometimes it may say or or something like this. Upon glancing at these, you don't notice the errors until you look very closely. Most websites have caught onto these scams and bought up similar domains (a domain and URL are the "www.domain/" located within your address bar). With Wells Fargo, the bank, I noticed that they bought up similar domains like or to prevent people from accidentally going to a scam that will steal their information. But still, be careful and double check everything before just clicking and sending information away.

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