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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google vs. Bing

I've used all three search engines since I began using the internet in the mid-2000's. I used Google most of all but I've switched to Bing in the last year and have enjoyed using it.

I use almost all of these search engine's free e-mail services for many various e-mails and each has their strengths.

Most people seem to use Google and people often ask me why I use Bing. I switched to Bing for political reasons...I didn't agree with a lot that Google was doing but I agreed more so with Microsoft so I went with Bing; plus I wanted to try out the engine and ever since then have been using it.

On occasion, I will use one of the other guys. However, I realize that I haven't listed any of the other guys like Dogpile, Ask, Yahoo, or AOL simply because Dogpile is a great search engine that combines all of the most popular engines while Ask is not really one of my favorites and I have never really used it. Yahoo and AOL are okay but not widely used nor widely accepted. AOL has begun doing things like Dogpile in that they incorporate more than one search engine into one. At least, that's what I saw last time I checked.

Differences that I have seen between all mentioned are that Bing uses a more, less advanced user layout. Bing was designed for the common folk that don't know a whole lot about computers and technical terms. Searching for basic things like "I want to buy an ice cream" will find ice cream stores nearby. While Googling this will retrieve statements on the web by people typing "I want to buy an ice cream". I have noticed that Google has begun to be more like Bing in that they have made their searches more friendly to less advanced users. Searching for translations or definitions on either will yield you results for those exact definitions and translations in the very first couple of search lines.

When I use maps, I do prefer Google over Bing. Google has a much more friendly layout, possibly because I've been using it so long vs. Bing's being more complicated and not so new. Sadly, Google has begun copying Bing's map layout such as not remembering preferences as well as it used to. I like to view maps in hybrid mode where satellite images are used but regular map street names and such are used on the map. Google has begun doing what Bing has been doing where it will automatically go back to default and be in that old maps view.

For images, I like both. Bing has a bit more complicated structure in how it utilizes viewing pictures. Google has always done the traditional "Google bar" at the top of the original website's link with a view of the picture and other features. When you try to view the image full size, it usually sticks the picture in the top left hand corner and maximizes from there on a white background. Bing has made it so that the picture is directly in the middle of your screen on a gray background. For different pictures, it can vary upon which search engine is "best" in opinion.

For videos, Google seems to lose since most of their results come from YouTube. (Google owns YouTube so you can see why they promote that video website above others.) Bing seems to win here because their video search allows previews of videos when hovering the cursor over the thumbnail of a video link. However, I do not appreciate the fact that it opens the video within Bing's website rather than taking you directly to the website. You can always click a button and go there but Google sends you directly to the website, last time that I checked and I prefer that style more.

But I've come to tolerate Bing above all. I still use the other search engines if I don't get my desired results from Bing or someone sends me a link with Google search.

I think to say whether one is best above another is all based on personal opinion. Some even like the other search engines more so than Google or Bing but since I use these two more, I chose these two to write about.

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