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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas Mod

Check it out.

So I bought Grand Theft Auto IV from Amazon today since it was cheap. I've been following this special mod project since I saw it on YouTube a few months ago but was waiting for the perfect time to get a copy of GTA IV (which you will need for this mod).

For fans of the older Grand Theft Autos, especially San Andreas like myself, you will love this mod. Although it is still in it's second beta stage with a 3rd beta coming in June 2012, the game does an excellent job of mixing the two games together to get the best of both worlds.

GTA IV's gaming engine is used and GTA SA's map are mixed together. Graphics, vehicles, sounds, and much more are borrowed from IV while map, CJ (main character of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas), and others are borrowed from San Andreas. Best of all, the mod is free to use as long as you have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV. A special thanks to the brilliant and creative minds behind this project for their hard work on the project. I know that the 3rd beta will have even more to offer than this 2nd beta has.

Like most betas and games in general, there are glitches to be aware of.
-while in CJ's house in the upstairs, CJ walked along the side of the wall until he began walking on the ceiling, a grenade caused CJ to die and respawn in the same spot except this time on top of the roof.
-a large majority of the vehicles are the same everywhere that you go
-pedestrians can be found in the areas of Los Santos and the Grove gang's hood but going to other places (I visited "Las Vegas") did not have pedestrians
-while walking on the Los Santos airport, CJ fell through the ground in random places for an infinite amount of time then finally falling back onto the tarmac
-no airplanes were to be found on the airport
-often times, you will not be able to get into a vehicle from the drivers' side but getting into the passenger's side seems to always work
-police aren't always responsive
-sometimes shots fired from you to an NPC or shots fired from an NPC to you can sometimes not register as being a hit no matter where your character stands
-I have not found any way to save the game although there is no story-mode yet
-sometimes Niko's (main character from GTA IV) voice can be heard coming from CJ
...a few other problems that I haven't encountered yet and others that aren't as bothersome.

Even with all of these problems, the game is very nice. My laptop can handle the graphics on medium level and run pretty well. The graphics have been much more improved to a sub-par version of GTA IV standards. The game is definitely playable as well as enjoyable to a GTA fan like myself.

Has anyone else used this mod? What do you think of this mod? Any other mods for GTA IV that have got your attention?

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