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Saturday, April 7, 2012

HTC's New Device?

It's been a good two years since the HTC Evo 4G launched on Sprint's network. Around that time is when I upgraded to it from my Samsung Instinct s30 and was thrilled and blown away by how powerful the phone was. To me and almost everyone that saw it, it was the greatest phone ever created. Even some of my buddies with iPhones were getting a little jealous ;)

Ever since then, I've been mostly happy with my phone. In the past year (and after two replacements), I'm seeing this phone as outdated and buggy and looking at what phone to get when I get my 2 year upgrade in August. I was thinking about the iPhone but I know that the 4G model will be coming really soon so there's no point in getting the 3G model this soon when it'll be outdated quickly. And after taking very close looks at iOS software versus Android software, I prefer Android's for the most part. The customization and Google's leniency towards its users, hacker, advanced, and casual, have been the absolute most attractive things about the operating system for me. I like some of the iOS exclusive apps and popularity but I also like being unique. So I'm looking more at Android devices. Plus I have more of a variety of phones to choose from than just two models when it comes to Android. HTC has blown me away. Before the HTC Evo 4G, I would have never chosen an HTC device. But this and other phones have blown me away.

The Evo 4G's "sequels" or "spinoffs" have been interesting prior to release but have failed to grab my attention as my next phone:
-HTC Evo 4G Shift
-HTC Evo 4G Design
-HTC Evo 3D
--have all done pretty poorly at grabbing my attention. The Evo 3D was the only one out of the bunch that really had me going and wanting to get it after its release. But the fact that none of these had kickstands was a major part of me not wanting to "upgrade". The fact that the Shift didn't have a front camera caused me to not want to upgrade. The fact that all of these phones seem to have smaller screens made me not want to change. But that all seems like it's going to change for the next release...

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="213" src="" width="360"></iframe>

It seems like HTC has heard our cries and has begun working on a new project for us Evo lovers out there. My cousin had to get a replacement and the only replacement she could get was to the Evo 3D. She misses the original one as I suspected. The Evo 4G was the reason she came to Sprint in the first place and was the reason that I stayed with Sprint and didn't leave. This is truly a flagship phone.

So to anyone working for HTC...consider this my personal plea. I'd love to have a phone almost exactly like the original 4G phone that you guys first released. This video gives me hope for that phone.

Other than that...this video was really cool. I never really thought about how the design process goes at HTC or any company for that matter. It was great to see what kinds of things they wanted for future devices and how the process went. I'd love to see more of these videos. The concept designs they create are unbelievable! I'd love to also see what their drawing books look like. There must be some really cool designs that will probably never truly get made.

Copied from The Thoughts of ndh777 at the post entitled My Next Phone.

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