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Friday, April 20, 2012

PlayStation Suite Open Beta Out Now

Click here for link to Sony's article.

Sony's PlayStation Suite is now available to developers in beta form. The program is said to allow people to create third party apps and other things for Sony's various PlayStation related products.

Many developers have already expressed their disapproval of the software mostly due to the nature of Sony's overbearing behavior similar to Apple's attitude towards hackers of its products. Sony has made many regulations regarding the program that have caused many to not even bother using it.

The PlayStation Suite is said to help aiding in creating apps, games, and others for products such as the PlayStation Vita as well as Sony's PlayStation Suite that is to be launched for Android devices such as Sony's Xperia PLAY. The Suite will allow gamers to play PlayStation classics on their phones as well as perform other actions.

Anyone planning on checking out the software and becoming a developer for Sony? I'm excited about developers in general whether they be hackers or non-hackers and I can't wait for Sony to finally allow third party apps on their products.

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