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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Props to the Little Guys Out There!

I have about 4 SATA Hard Drives lying around the house and I've been trying to format them until I remembered today that I had Linux Ubuntu installed on my computer in VirtualBox and Linux is said to be very good at formatting drives.

So I hook up the HD and start up Ubuntu's "Disk Utility" and proceed to format the partition. I have been trying for years to format these things and it takes Disk Utility to format one of them in under 30 seconds. I am using it as an external HD and it runs like new. Simply amazing. I have lost all respect for Microsoft.

I'm really starting to see the beauty in individuals' work over what large corporations are doing. Projects like Linux's OS have blown me away at how powerful and well made the system is.

I bought Grand Theft Auto IV a few weeks ago and used a mod for it that allows its engine to be used with GTA San Andreas' map and it is amazing. I mean, props to Rockstar for the great games but look at what these guys are doing in their spare time and not even asking for a dime!

Even to the guys who aren't doing anything but are working towards something...thank you for your work anyway and good luck to you in future projects. You guys are amazing and I love following your projects.

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