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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rejoice 1.67 PS Vita Users!

PS Vita hacker, Wololo, has been hard at work with other hackers in getting a new hack working on the Playstation Vita that will allow homebrew.

For those that have been following, this will be the third announcement and third time trying to get a hack working on the console.

The first announcement included using the PSP downloaded game Motorstorm Arctic Edge. Basically these hacks are done by purchasing these games from the PSN store and then going into the game and uploading a game save into the game that allows the user to unlock certain parts of the system. Sony has been doing their homework and keeping up since the first hackers on the PSP that this hack only unlocks the PSP emulator built within the PS Vita. It does not unlock the whole PS Vita itself. No hack has been released as of now that completely allows access to any and every area of the PS Vita's system. We may or may not see one this year that allows such. Within hours of the announcement, Sony had found out about the exploit and removed Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the Playstation Store. Those who had purchased the title will now have no way of re-downloading the original game to their PS Vita through any known means whether it be computer, Playstation 3, or PSN.

The second announcement was only for those with European accounts. Anyone with a Vita can reset their Vita and change the region on it to be used with a Japan, European, or any other account. It's a hard and long process but for some it was well worth it. For those thinking of trying this:
1. The game has also been removed within hours of announcement
2. In order to purchase the game, even though in a foreign market, you will need either a credit card from this region or a PSN redeem card for the specific region.

Sony has been on their P's and Q's. I have been patiently waiting for a hack to the system by staying on version 1.61 but this has been tested and said to run on 1.67. And since I don't have a proxy, I'll need to update to download whatever title this new hack will be.

Wololo will announce this PSP title in the next couple of days, so stay tuned to his blog if you'd like to be one of the lucky few to get the title. Remember that Sony may remove the game from their store after you purchase and you may never get a refund from Sony as many people have had happen recently.

*Wololo has made it clear that the exploits that he releases like these do not allow piracy. They will not even help people to go further and try to unlock the PS Vita for piracy. If you are getting this hoping to get some free PS Vita games, you will be sorry. Again, this only unlocks the PSP emulator within the Playstation Vita's system which then allows it to play other older games like for the NES and other homebrew games.

Anyone excited for this release? I know I am! What are your thoughts on the Vita? Do you think we will ever see a true Vita hack that opens the whole system for us?

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