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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review; Heavy Fire: Afghanistan for PlayStation 3 with Move

I'd like to do some reviews on items such as video games when possible here on this blog. Let me start off with this title Heavy Fire: Afghanistan.

What can I say? I had no idea that I was buying a game like this.

I was in Best Buy earlier today and saw this game and thought I'd get was only $20. I get home and I pop it in my PlayStation 3 hoping to play a game similar to Call of Duty or Battlefield...nope. The game plays more like an arcade shooter like one of these types of games. The idea was to bring these into your home, unfortunately, they should've made it clearer what this game was like on the package.

Don't get me wrong, I love these types of arcades but when I buy a game, I get into a mode thinking of playing that game and get pumped up to play that...sometimes it's an open world mode like GTA or Mercenaries and sometimes it's a shooter like CoD or Battlefield and sometimes it's one of these stand still shooters. So I got into this mode thinking that I was going to play a game where I ran around and had more strategy than just sitting there and shooting mindlessly. If I bought it knowing what it was going to be, it probably wouldn't have such a low opinion in my mind.

I asked my brother what type of game he'd compare this game to and he said M.A.G. when seeing the front cover and then Call of Duty when he saw the back cover. The game box is very misleading. The back of it shows traditional first person shooter clips and images from the side view of a gun however the game doesn't even play like this.

The game starts you out by dropping you out of a helicopter and you proceed in running with a bunch of U.S. troops and Humvees to the location. I got there and I was wondering why I couldn't move, then it finally hit me what kind of game this really is. That's really why they add Move isn't much fun with a controller. The way that the "AI" react is humorous. Doom's AI is more advanced than this one. The enemy stands there and shoots. No ducking, no dodging, no running towards you...nothing. Once in a while, some of the NPCs will move behind a cover. There are no backup squads either. When moving, you can shoot and if you shoot a friendly, you lose points. I saw no real indication of losing health when shot at either. I died eventually and right before that is when I noticed that I was dying. You can quite literally stand in the same spot for the whole round and still's that unrealistic. It may get harder as you progress but this was so stupid and pointless that I had to turn it off. I have not used the Move controllers yet. I plan to sell this game immediately.

The game is all around terrible. I might not have such a bad opinion of the game if I knew what I was buying but then again, it handled pretty poorly anyway.

I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone unless you really love these types of games.

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