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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sprint Service Review

When a company has made an impact on my life in a positive or negative way, I like to let others know about my experience. This being a blog about technology seems like the best place to talk about my experience with Sprint as a wireless customer for a few years.

I've been a Sprint customer since about 2009 when I was persuaded by a Radio Shack employee to switch from Boost Mobile to Sprint. Wanting a better phone...I proceeded to sign up for Sprint and received my first phone, the Samsung Instinct s30. Needless to say, the phone was a piece of crap even for it's time when Android and iPhone were just starting out. The reviews kept calling it the "iPhone killer" but it was nothing comparable to the iPhone. Later I moved to the Samsung Moment which became my first Android device.

Sprint had been there for me throughout each part of these steps and delivered fairly well service. For $69.99, it was really good. On top of the $69, I added the Sprint insurance plan for an additional $11 each month and used it for a few times on each of my devices. Personally, that has stuck with me and kept me from moving to other networks. Sprint's customer service has been really good as well. I have never gotten off of the phone and felt cheated. Only once was I disappointed and that was due to a large number of dropped calls and Sprint customer service explained that the area was under maintenance and that only lasted for a few more days.

The thing that I love most about Sprint is that if you search for information and find answers, you can find things about Sprint representatives that will help you in tremendous ways such as them giving extra time to pay off bills, their bills and "warnings" being false and them keeping service on for longer than said allowed time, as well as giving out free Airave devices to increase connectivity at home via a router. I received one of these devices for free about 6 months ago when the devices usually go for $249. However, the device is not as good as it sounds because it is slow and slowed down my home's internet connection.

With the way that wireless carriers are going, I'm very happy and pleased to be with Sprint. I talk to people on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile that are angry over the recent changes in their bills and connectivity. Sprint has tried their best to please the customer while being able to cut back in areas to save money and has been very smart about it all. Sprint has made some risky decisions such as buying so many iPhones but they proved us wrong because they sold most, if not all, of those iPhones that they bought.

While Sprint is a great company, I only stay with them because of the unlimited data. If that goes, I will be leaving Sprint even if I am grandfathered in. But don't get me wrong, I like Sprint but I just won't tolerate being without unlimited data or with being forced to switch from 4G>3G>2G for too much data usage like other carriers just to show the carriers that I don't appreciate the changes and have other options.

I have turned on at least two close friends to Sprint as well as caused others to ask more about Sprint plans due to the way that their carriers have been treating them. Hopefully things don't change because I am enjoying my experience. The one thing that I would complain about is the price, but at the same time, when looking at the competition, I have it good by seeing good prices and a great value. I rarely lose connectivity and Sprint has made it great for us, customers, in allowing us free, unlimited data/calls/etc. when roaming that I hope they never change. I would definitely continue recommending their service as long as they continue to keep these better prices and great, and truly unlimited plans.

Thanks, Sprint, for the great service over the years.

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