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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts on Camping?

I told you guys that I got Battlefield 3 a few days ago and it's been pretty fun. I stopped playing the Campaign because it just wasn't fun enough. But the online multiplayer is definitely where it's at.

Unlike Call of Duty, I don't hear little children cussing and screaming over their mics, I don't feel cheated because some guy found a glitch, I don't feel cheated when killed because people can't just run up behind you 100% of the time and knife you to death, among many other ups that I was really upset with when playing Call of Duty games. But campers are here too and I absolutely hated them then as much as I do now. Luckily, the designers of Battlefield 3 made it harder to camp by making maps larger and allowing more players to play in a single round, at least this is what seems to be decreasing the camping.

I played on a map earlier today that did have a few of our teammates camping in an area. But the way that they were able to camp so well and hold their ground was by having I and a few other people nearby to guard them from attack because their position was pretty well open. We must have got a good 30+ kills just from sitting here for each person which totals to about 90 kills. But our spree was finished when the enemy got smart about where we were hiding and ganged up on us. They lost about 2 guys and we lost everyone. But it was fun and it encouraged players to make strategic plans and organize against the enemy. However, one map, known as Noshahr Canals, allows for some massive and very unfriendly campers. For those of you who haven't played, this map is set in an industrial harbor complete with a train yard, ships in the sea, crates both open and closed which form a death maze of some sort, and a crane. One of Battlefield 3's coolest innovations was allowing players to parachute into battle. This allows people to parachute onto the crane and get some great snipes on some unsuspecting persons below. What makes it so wrong, in my opinion, is that they are so high up and there is so little area for us to shoot them and so much for them to shoot us. The only ways to combat this are sniping them which has been challenging consider my low level and their superior levels of 40 and beyond, their ability to see the entire battlefield from high up above everything to snipe in between small spaces including underneath a train out of sight (not sure how he got me), and their ability to have better weapons than players like I who have snipers that take two shots to their head for them to die and one shot to my head for me to die. Also, they can just move when hit behind something and I cannot move out of their way as easily. Or you can use rockets to shoot towards them however not many have been successful at this. Or you can parachute to them which I have not been able to do due to my low level. thoughts on camping within games like this in this kind of setting are that they shouldn't be allowed. The designers should send out patches to patch up areas like this to reduce the number of people who get up here to have an unfair advantage.

I do hate the occasional guy who snipes me from an unsuspecting place then moves to avoid me coming back after his ass, but at least I can eventually get him sooner or later. The guy on the crane? Not so much.

So what do you guys think of camping and campers? I was actually quite surprised that so many people aren't really against it within games. But then again, I suppose that we have done it at least once or twice or have been mistaken for a camper.

I've heard of some games taking measures to stop camping like making players lose health when standing still, but I don't think it should ever be taken to that length. At the same time, this is supposed to be a simulated reality of a real battlefield and there are times where people will have these "unfair advantages" over their enemy in the real world so I really can't complain since I do enjoy the realism.

So anyway, back to the question, what do you guys think of camping?

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