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Monday, April 23, 2012

VHBL Files Released for Super Collapse 3

Wololo released the files for the VHBL today and I have successfully installed it.

Wololo's directions were fairly easy but needed a bit more explanation for me. Others it seems to have worked out great.

You can visit his blog for more information on the release. Thank him, thecobra, and any others who were involved in this hack. I'm just someone else who helped announce it.

Unfortunately if you weren't able to get Super Collapse 3 onto your PlayStation Vita right now, you'll have to wait a little longer for another release if any more are to be released.

I tried Doom and Lamecraft and Doom was really fun. I ran into some installation problems with Lamecraft but fixed them and got the game working. I started to play until the game froze on me. The PSP emulator had froze because the PS Vita part worked fine (in terms of being able to exit the game).

I'm going to try some more homebrews such as a Nintendo 64 emulator. I've got to say that these people have been doing a fine job and I truly do thank them for their work.

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