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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Updated January 2, 2014
I've been blogging and writing for websites for a few years now and I decided to split up my blog so that I could expand my audience and allow the audiences to not mix together.

Other than that, I was hoping to make this blog more tech friendly. More of a place where people could come and get some tech news.

In terms of tech, I'd like to focus on stories that have to do with the gaming scene, the hacking scene, technology in general, and many more places of our technological areas of society. Since I live in the United States, most of my information will be from or having to do with the U.S. Of course many innovations and inventions are produced in other countries like Japan so news from these areas will also be discussed.

I will try to leave the comments open but they will be moderated. What this means is that my posts will be open to all comments but I reserve the right to delete comments at will. If this bothers you, my only suggestion to you is to find another place to share your thoughts. This is not to say that I will delete comments that I necessarily disagree with but rather comments that may offend other members, comments that are obviously spam or advertisement for another website...just use common sense when posting please. *By commenting to any of my entries, you are agreeing to everything written in this particular blog post whether or not you have read this entry.* In this particular post, "We", "Our", "Us", "me", "I", and "here" refers to the authors/writers/administrators/and website of "" and "". We reserve the right to change any information here at our will with or without notice. This blog is for educational purposes only. This blog and its authors are not responsible for the actions and words of anyone who may follow the information written here. All laws applicable apply to all readers of this blog. This blog and its author(s) do not condone any activities that may be deemed illegal in their respective areas. No information may be duplicated without prior written consent from the author(s) of this blog. All information posted here from other sources belongs to their respective owners and is not copied with intent of copyright infringement.

If anyone would like to have their information removed from this blog, they may do so by asking us to remove the content and the content will be removed upon request. This can be done by commenting to any blog post on either or This blog and its authors respect the rights and wishes of other authors to not have their information made public. All authors are to agree to these terms and conditions as well as the readers, viewers, and comment writers of this blog.

Needless to say, my posts will not be professionally written. You may see me write things such as "lol" or "haha" or not use all of the proper grammar just as I just did.

Feel free to bring up stories that I may have overlooked or other things that seem interesting to you on any of my entries as long as they are within guidelines listed here.

Without further to do, I present the opening to Whenever I Feel Like It: Tech Edition!

As far as contacting us goes, e-mails can be directed to us through this e-mail address for the time being. A more appropriate e-mail address will be created later that can be used for contacting us for more specific issues.

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