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Friday, May 25, 2012

Android Development is Going Good

...but a little frustrating and time consuming. It will be well worth it once the learning process is complete.

This is a screenshot that I took of my computer as I tried running the Android emulator. It's been on for a good 10-15 minutes on this screen trying to boot. The book says to be patient as some computers take longer than others to fully load the emulator.

It's a fun process and the book makes it very easy to understand what is going on.

More updates to come.

EDIT: I have success :D

For those of you following the book...create the emulator THEN just open the emulator without the application. Once the emulator has begun running Android, then you can right-click on the application (where you see the "Hello World" in the background on the left hand side) and then tell it to run as an Android application. This opened the test application, letting me know that the application has been successfully created!

Enjoy and good luck everyone. I will now begin working on my own apps as well as learning more. Let me know what sorts of apps that you would like to see on the Android device.

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