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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android

I currently have the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint and am due for an upgrade in August of this year. I really love what I can do with Android and Apple's software hasn't made much of an impression on me until very recently. My cousin moved down to Los Angeles and he and I talk about computers and such on the regular. In his opinion, after having both 2 Android devices and an iPhone 4 now, he says that he prefers the Apple side more and doesn't want to go back to Android if given the chance.

Some of the things that I like about Apple's iOS are:
-more accessories available
-better compatibility; if it says that this product works with iPhone, it works with iPhone
-more apps
-more popular (around here) which means an even better chance at having a better community to support the device
-easier to hack (in most people's opinion)
-can run Android
-able to sync to iTunes
-new updates come and almost all devices receive the update

Things I don't like are:
-no 4G, currently
-no micro-SD or any removable memory at the moment
-Apple is not hacker friendly
-smaller screen size
-newer devices come out more often
-no 3D
-no physical keyboard
-no warranty? (not sure if this has changed or not)

Things I like about Google's Android are:
-more hacker friendly
-more devices to choose from
-I prefer Google to Apple
-much more to do once hacked
-more of those devices have physical keyboards
-removable SD cards
-warranties are available

Things I don't like about Android are:
-too many devices means less compatibility
-lesser accessories
-no other OS is easy (or legal) to port to Android based devices
-newer OSes come out and updates aren't always sent out to every device

There are other reasons to add to the lists.

To you guys, what things do you like and dislike about each of the devices? I am able to upgrade in August and my choices are the new HTC Evo 4G LTE or the newer iPhone that will probably come out in fall of this year.

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