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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Facebook Camera and Messenger Apps Removed

Facebook rolled out a new update to their app that is driving some people insane. The app, at least for Android, adds two new icons in your regular list of apps with one being for a Facebook camera and another for Facebook messenger. For folks like me, I don't use either features and wanted them removed, but it wasn't so easy....

Typically when you want to remove an app, you go into your Settings and choose Applications, then Manage and then find the app(s) that you want to remove. Unfortunately, these apps or at least icons are not listed. There are a number of reasons that someone may not want the additional apps:
-doesn't want the additional app icons clogging up their screen from viewing other apps
-doesn't want the additional storage space that these icons may take

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that there's a fix to this and it appears that these additional "apps" are nothing more than icons that have already been added into the Facebook application prior to this update. The bad news is that your phone needs to be rooted (hacked) and this only removes the icons, it does not relieve any disk space.

Once your device is rooted, you will go into the Play Store or whatever it's called now and download an app called "Facebook icon remover". Once in there, everything should be self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, I downloaded this app for my HTC Evo 4G which is rooted and running the MikG 3.11 ROM and when I ran the app, it asked me for root privileges and then said that it had completed and that it might be necessary for a reboot before the changes take effect. I rebooted my phone and when it came back on, the screen is missing it's lock screen button to unlock the phone. Other people have claimed to have success with this app so it may be an isolated issue. My advice would be to backup your phone in your recovery first, then download and run the app. If it gives you any problems, revert the changes by restoring the backup and you should be fine. I tried some advanced stuff but the problem still remains...I'm going to have to restore my device.

What are your thoughts on this change from Facebook? Other changes from Facebook? Has anyone successfully been able to use this app?

EDIT: I restored my phone to an earlier version and the problem still persists. The problem could lie within this app but I doubt it and won't jump to the conclusion and say that it is the app's fault.

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