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Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st, 2012 Amazon/YouTube Scam E-mails Update

It is May 21st, 2012 and I thought that I'd like to give you guys an update on the Amazon/YouTube e-mail scams that I've been getting.

I still get the fake YouTube e-mails very often. YouTube has no place to report these e-mails as of this time or that I have found so I am left with receiving the e-mails and just deleting them on my own. The last YouTube scam e-mail that I received was on Thursday of this week which was the 17th of May in 2012.

I have actually not received another Amazon scam in a while. The last one that I received was on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. Each e-mail that I receive, I immediately forward to Amazon's special e-mail made for these scams at This e-mail has been specifically set up to combat these fake e-mail scams and they seem to be doing a better job at cracking down on whoever is sending these e-mails out. When you receive one of these fake e-mails, click on the forward button and send it to the e-mail provided above. More information and instructions will be automatically sent to you from Amazon about what this e-mail is about and what they are doing to stop these scams.

Amazon has a page dedicated to this topic too which you can read to better help you understand what is going on with these e-mails. You can read this page by clicking this link: BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK, READ IT IN FULL TO MAKE SURE THAT THE LINK WILL DIRECT YOU TO AMAZON'S REAL WEBSITE AND NOT A PHONY ONE.

Good luck out there. Hopefully these e-mail scams stop soon. I have seen a big boost to my blog's readership with people mostly coming here for searching for answers about this problem.

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