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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Netflix Instant Queue Order/Alternatives?

I've been a Netflix subscriber for a few years now, used it on my computer, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS Vita, Nintendo DSi, Android phones, and other devices but have been fairly disatisfied for the most part with the service that I pay for.

Netflix has changed over the years and most of these changes have been negative for users, I can agree to that myself.

The most recent change has me the most upset though.

A few weeks ago, I logged onto Netflix and found that my instant queue now was rearranged. I thought it was no big deal especially since the television shows that I was watching were already added so I wasn't adding new movies. That is until yesterday...I logged on and decided to check out some new movies and television shows and add them to my collection to watch later. Upon doing so, I went to the very end to pick which of the selections that I wanted to see. It was then that I discovered that this was a new "features" implemented by Netflix into the queue to create a way of organizing your movies for you. But then I found that the list is in no logical order. Not in alphabetical order, nor numerical order, nor even date order. It seems like an unreasonable and illogical way of organizing movies. Worst of all, there is no way to opt out of this or at least no easy way to do so.

This is highly upsetting to someone like me that wants easy access and a manual way of doing things instead of having the company do it for me.

Does anyone know of any alternatives? I know that we have Hulu Plus and Blockbuster, however each of these seem to have huge downsides. I'd be willing to pay for a better service with more selection too.

Feel free to leave your suggestions below and involve any information about your alternatives. What are some of your thoughts on Netflix? Has anyone found any way of changing these options to get a different order or no order at all?

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