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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thoughts on Social Networking

I have been on just about every major social networking website excluding Google+ but including smaller ones like Friendster and MyCrib.

I use Facebook and Twitter most of all presently but I've been doing less and less on each. I deleted my Facebook for two months then came back because some people had been asking me to come back like old friends and family that live far off but want to be apart of my life. I used Twitter more during that period of time but it wasn't the same.

I didn't like Twitter because it was just me posting private information about myself and I started thinking about it more in depth. It was turning me into the gossip girls that I despise! Wondering who had the most juiciest gossip and most interesting things about their lives so I tuned out. I post on it a few times since then but nothing too personal like before. I've been on Facebook and mostly been using it to just keep up with the latest news regarding politics and other sections of news. For that reason, it has been beneficial.

But what are your thoughts on social media? Do you like it? Do you use it often?

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