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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unpopular Changes

My last blog post had to do with the Android Facebook app and it being updated with two additional icons that are making lots of users quite upset. Facebook also forced users to update their profiles to the new timeline instead of being able to use the old interface. Other updates have been done by Facebook and have been highly unpopular among many users but Facebook continued with their updates. Eventually people got used to each of the changes and weren't as upset about the change as much as before.

Blogger updated our interface (this website is currently running from Blogger's service with a custom domain) as I had discussed in this blog post.

Many other websites have made changes like this too and have been unpopular amongst their users but the website continued with the changes and the users typically stayed and grew with the change. Personally, I don't like either of the changes. I haven't liked any of the changes that these websites have done. With Facebook, the new timeline allows too much access to my entire posts throughout my time on the website. With some of the posts, I was content with them staying hidden away and hard to reach by most users but that has changed since the new update. With Blogger, I don't like the change because it has really been dumbed down and some of the features seemed to be taken away or are at least hidden away from me.

But I found a way to get back to my old interface but I'd rather not share that method with anyone or else Blogger may find a way to force me to get updated.

The reason why websites do things like this, mostly in terms of Facebook, is to stay ahead of the game. One of the problems with MySpace was that it was too old and always looked the same. When they finally changed the interface, most people had been long gone. Facebook has been staying at the top because they change so fast and force everyone to change so everyone sticks around to see if the change is good or bad and usually they just keep the change. I can't say why Blogger would force it on us though. I wish that websites would give us a choice but I don't think that that day will ever come.

What are your guys' thoughts on websites and the changes they make?

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