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Monday, May 28, 2012

Words to Watch Out for Online

Just as you can shout "fire" in a crowded movie theatre but be legally penalized, even though the First Amendment technically gives you that right, such is the same for the internet.

You have the right to say whatever you wish online, but it is common sense that you should watch what you say (write) before writing it. According to this article, there is a list of words that will definitely invite government eyes to read whatever it is that you have written.

But don't be paranoid, I am writing a harmless blog post here and I guarantee you that at least five of the words listed on the website are written here as well. Very harmless words such as pork are on this list. But perhaps this list will help you realize some of the things that you write online.

It is a very interesting list, nonetheless.

What words did you find to be the least expected on the list?

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