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Friday, June 22, 2012

Evo LTE or Samsung Galaxy SIII or iPhone 5 or...?

I'm debating on what phone to upgrade to when my upgrade comes.

Ever since I heard that an Evo LTE was to be launched, I was ecstatic about the phone. And when the specs were released as well as the innovative features, I was even more amazed and excited.

Then, a few days ago, a co-worker of mine asked me about the Samsung Galaxy SIII. We talked for a bit and he told me how much he loved his Galaxy SII and how he can't wait to pick up the SIII when it comes out later this month. I began reading on the phone and liked what I read there too. Samsung seems to be making better quality phones because, admittedly, their record hasn't been too good for me. First, I had the Samsung Instinct s30, but in that phone's defense, I was told that it was the greatest phone to come to Sprint and was supposed to be the "iPhone killer" of which it certainly didn't compare in any way. Then I had the Samsung Moment and that phone gave me lots of problems. My co-worker hated his so much, that he destroyed about 6 of them because he was so frustrated with the phone. Then he upgraded to the Epic 4G a little while after I upgraded to the Evo 4G. He kept saying that he was disappointed and wished that he went for the phone that I had instead because his was garbage. Then that phone started giving him problems too... so, needless to say, Samsung doesn't hold a very high opinion with me when it comes to phones. I have always wanted a Samsung Galaxy tablet though and their other products like TV's and laptops aren't too bad of quality. But I have seen much love from people for the Galaxy series phones so I'd be open to getting that phone too.

And then there's the mysterious iPhone 5 with no released specs as of now. But it has to have some excellent specs for me to seriously consider getting it such as:
-bigger screen, at least as big as my current Evo which would be about 4 inches
-removable storage
-better insurance in case it's lost or stolen

I can say that Apple will probably never add removable storage to the iPhone especially since they're trying to get people to sign up for their Cloud services and seeing how many people are willing to pay more for a phone that has more memory. I do suspect that we will be seeing it have 4G LTE across all networks that it will be released for. Every competitor has put 4G on their devices so Apple will be forced into following through as 4G has been around for about two years now and every new phone just about has 4G including ones being released on minor networks like Metro PCS and even Boost Mobile. We may or may not see an iPhone this fall with a bigger screen. Making a bigger screen would cause Apple to change their assembly lines which means more money. Many people want bigger screens, but most iPhone fanatics are fine with their small screens. We will probably never ever see better insurance for iPhones where you can get a replacement for a lost or stolen device.

But I'm also considering saving my upgrade and either keeping it open in case Sprint drops unlimited data, which they might, or waiting for a better device to be announced on their network.

What do you guys think? What would be your option?

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