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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Track a Hacker's IP Address

My e-mail was hacked by an individual that asked to have a reply sent to this e-mail address: which I believe to be the hacker. But it was hard to find out who was really behind my account info because the sender was my e-mail address so I had to do a little extra digging.

If you remember from my previous blog entry, I told you briefly about how you can find out who is spoofing your e-mail to look like you. Sometimes an e-mail is not sent from your inbox. I checked my records and my log-in activity does not include any unusual access points so my best guess is that someone is simply spoofing my e-mail address to look like me. It would be like me sending a letter from your home's address pretending to be you by putting your name on the letter as the sender and sending it to someone. There is a way to figure out who may be responsible and this method does not include having to be a detective that can read fingerprints.

Do as I told you in my previous post, if you would like a link, click here for a link to that entry and read up on it to catch up. Once you have accessed the full header, look around for something about an "IP address" or a group of numbers like this "". IP addresses usually start off with a 98 or a 92 or a number similar to that which can help identify the number more quickly. From here, you can now highlight this number, right-click on the number, select "Copy", and now scroll your web browser to this link => This website provided an excellent background of the IP address and told me how I can alert someone of this individual who may be harassing people. I contacted this person's ISP (internet service provider) and told them exactly what my problem was and included the website above as well as the IP address number. From there, authorities can step in and finish the job.

With the help of this post, you have successfully learned how to track an IP as well as how to better protect yourself and combat scammers online.

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  1. Thanks for the useful article on how to track a hacker's IP address. It was very useful for me to track a hacker. I found his IP location by visiting and had an IP lookup. It was also very useful.

    1. Good to know, thanks! It's always great to find websites useful for stuff like this.


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