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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weird Referrals to Your Website or Blog?

Are you in control of a blog or website with some weird referrals directing to your website/blog?

Blogger, through which this website/blog is hosted, has some great features, one of which allows users to view where our visitors come from. As some of my readers know, you may have seen my various posts around the web whether it be my posts on or your friends sharing my posts via social media like Facebook. What happens is like the picture above. Blogger shows me, the administrator, a bunch of website URLs and how many visitors were linked and visited my blog via that website URL.

But sometimes you get some very awkward referrals that make you scratch your head. On my other blog,, when I was beginning, I received some very strange ones from places like "" or some very off the wall type of stuff that never seemed relevant to my page. And the visitor counts were very low compared to places that I had really visited like On wololo, I'll receive a few dozen in the first day of posting, but then I get some weird ones especially "bit" URLs.

The ones above are and which are very strange websites to be promoting visitors to my webpage. On slow days, like a weekday or days where I haven't posted in a while, I'll receive some of these and I think I've figured out what they are.

Most of the pages seem to be promoting some sort of product. I think what is happening is that some bots are randomly going to pages and making them appear to have come from their target website. For admins like myself, that are just beginning or just plain curious, click the links to see what these websites are saying about us and if we can somehow help promote their site more in gratitude of what they are doing for us.

I would recommend to ignore these links. All of them don't seem to have any valid links that point back to my page. And ones like "" can be dangerous. I have never been a fan of shortened links for the sake of spam, malware, spyware, and just its many other forms of abuse. I would highly advise people to be cautious of opening these links whether they received it in a referral or other place online just for those reasons. It's easy for scammers to hide behind shortened URLs and begin uploading malicious content to your computer or to your website because you visited their page.

With others like the drug store one, it just appears to be a way of introducing you to a product through spam.

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