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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Amazon's New Phone

Amazon has done considerably well with their Kindle line running a watered down version of Google's Android OS made mostly for reading books according to MSNBC.

A while ago, Amazon began competing with Google on their own system by providing their own app store for Android devices. The thing that boosted Amazon's version near the hype of the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) was that Amazon offers a paid app for free every day to its users. Amazon went on to create their tablet, the Kindle, which has had much success among consumers.

Now, Amazon is looking to create a phone which is said to also run Android. Amazon is teaming up with Foxconn, a Chinese company, that works with Apple to design products. However, Amazon is said to work with TMS to actually manufacture the phones.

Some aren't too happy with the move saying that Amazon should stick to what they are good at. I have to agree. Amazon is having success with the Kindle mostly because it is great for reading eBooks. But a phone would not be the same size as the Kindle which would eliminate the same want for the device to read on for many consumers. If the phone is the same size as the Kindle or larger, it wouldn't do well at selling because it's supposed to be a phone that people can carry everywhere. What Amazon will have to do is innovate in another way. They should find a way to make their device different from the rest of the other devices on the market. Working with Foxconn may just be what they need as Foxconn may be able to find an area for Amazon's phone to be different from every other phone available.

I was never impressed with the Kindle, so I do have a bit of bias. I never liked the device's custom OS, it didn't have what other tablets had and it was more for active readers which I, admittedly, am not.

But we shall see with the new phone. I remain optimistic until the final device is shown.

What are your thoughts on this? One of the people that commented on the MSNBC article had an interesting thing to say regarding companies moving out of their normal space like Wal-Mart having a phone company. What do you guys think of Amazon's move? Should they stick to what they do best?

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