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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minecraft 360 Edition is Getting Creative Mode!

4J Studios confirmed what every Minecraft 360 fan has been waiting for...creative mode!!!

For those unaware, creative mode allows players to have many different capabilities than allowed in regular version. Creative mode is best used for creating maps with lava, diamonds, etc. where YOU want it. This is, at least, what the PC version's creative mode has and what we are hoping 360's creative mode will have.

4J Studios confirmed that this mode would be added in the upcoming, anticipated 1.8.2 version of Minecraft. Bad news is that there is no official release date for 1.8.2 and it may be a while considering how long it took to get 1.8.1.

I'm, admittedly, more of a console gamer than PC due to the high costs of PC's so I've only been able to play Minecraft on Xbox 360 but I understand what it's like to play on PC from videos on YouTube.

This is great news for us! Many of us were disappointed when we bought the game and found that there was no creative mode.

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