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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Sprint Upgrade is Here!

It's that time in my contract! Sprint has taken away my ability to upgrade annually and made it so that I can only upgrade every 2 years like the other carriers to cut down on expenses and keep my bill from changing too dramatically. But I'm in a dilemma as many of my normal readers may know...

I'm waiting for a few phones to be announced and some to be released before I make my decision.

Currently, I am very interested in seeing what the new iPhone 5 has planned and what Google has planned for the next Nexus phone if they decide to make another Nexus phone before 2012 ends. I am also debating on whether to get the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the HTC Evo 4G LTE which both have great and amazing features.

The iPhone 5 is on the very bottom of my list for wants. Since Steve Jobs isn't in the picture anymore, I'm very skeptical as to how this iPhone will be. The last couple of Apple products have not grabbed the attention of consumers as previous Apple products had been. Apple's choices have even been questionable such as naming the iPad 3, "The New iPad", rather than the iPad 3. Adding the "new" part seems lacking in creativity and like designers didn't think about what would happen when a newer version of the iPad is to be released. The specs on it as well as Apple computers haven't improved much either, making me think that Apple will be adding the obvious pieces like 4G LTE and bigger screen size into the iPhone 5 but leaving out other and new innovative pieces that set the iPhone apart from other smartphones and previous versions of the iPhone. So I'm not too thrilled about the new iPhone 5 as much as I am for the other phones, however, I am still awaiting its release and/or official announcement.

Google has been very silent about a new Nexus phone and probably due to the recent release of their first Nexus tablet, the Nexus 7. Speculations from the community have gone around but nothing concrete. Some say that the Nexus phone may not be released until after 2012 is over. Others say that Motorola is the likely choice to make the next Nexus as Google has obtained a few shares of the company. With the success of previous phones and the recent success of the tablet, I'd be surprised if Google didn't plan another Nexus phone. Perhaps it will come Spring 2013 to avoid being in direct competition with the tablet and confusion. I hope that the new phone will have a space for external memory (like the MicroSD cards in most other Android devices) as we saw with the last Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, didn't have a place for an external memory card.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has caught my attention and I have made this known to readers months ago when I was thinking on the blog. The SIII has some amazing specs and great power. The SIII is being held high mostly because of its differences than other Ice Cream Sandwich phones available in personalization to individual and Samsung's identity. I do not like the available colors specifically for my network, Sprint. On Sprint's website, only purple and white are available. Samsung phones and I have not had too much luck in the past. Many of my friends have also had problems of their own with Samsung phones. Other Samsung devices like televisions and computers seem to be of very good quality, but phones have been another matter. I'm very optimistic about the Galaxy SIII though. I have heard great things about it and many iPhone users even leaving iPhone for it! Other Samsung phone owners have also been happy with their phones...the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Tab, and other handheld devices.

The HTC Evo 4G LTE has been on my list since day one of its announcement. I got the original HTC Evo 4G  when it first arrived on Sprint and loved it. But after a while, I did begin to not like it so much. Part of the problem was the fact that HTC stopped allowing updates of Android to it. They just stopped at Gingerbread and won't go any further. While phones like the Nexus continue to get updates, which I really liked. The newer Evo seems to be on the top of the line from all of the new phones coming out, but part of me tells me to wait for later in this holiday season to see what announcements and releases will come.

Has anyone had to make the choice between any of these phones? What are your thoughts? Which one would you get and why?

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