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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sony Products? Don't Think So...

The PlayStation Vita got its long awaited update 1.80 today and things couldn't be worse. Read more about it here from Wololo's blog.

The good news is that PlayStation 1 (PS1 classics) are now allowed to be played on the Vita, other new features have been added, among some other great features discussed on Wololo's blog. The bad news? It's very bad. Sony has made it near impossible to port over VHBL files to the Vita through a new CMA update. However, some sources, even from his own Twitter account, are saying that neur0n, well known in the Vita scene, has created a way of re-hacking CMA to port files over again. This is unconfirmed on Wololo's end as of now.

But this is still bad news for most of us. Sony continues to prevent us again and again from achieving what we truly want for devices that we legally paid for. Sony is much like Apple, even though the two are competitors in areas such as computers and mobile phones and tablets, in that both companies prevent their users from altering the devices to work how they'd like them to. If we legally paid for the device, didn't rent or lease it, shouldn't we be able to do what we want with the device? Especially in the case of Sony, they only hurt themselves by preventing us from accomplishing what we want. When you hack the PS Vita or the PS3, you can't play certain games, access the online web store anymore...none of that. All that to say that people that hack are really forced into piracy and it's not really their doing. Since they can't really buy games anymore, now they've got to "steal" them digitally.

The news regarding the PlayStation 4 doesn't even have me excited. Instead, the more and more information that I hear and read about the new system, the less and less I actually want it. Sony is not listening to their customer base and instead is hindering us from doing what we want with our devices that we legally paid full price for.

Also, what does Sony expect? Most of the games that have come out for the Vita and the features promised for the Vita are little to none. And then, considering that my Vita already has VHBL, I can't even get some of the latest features while keeping my system how I want it.

And yeah, it's true that this is not solely the fault of Sony. This is also because of some of those in the scene. What really got Sony started on going after hackers was after Geohot and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hackers. People were pirating games via Geohot's method and some people jailbroke their PlayStation 3's and began cheating on the matches which causes Sony to do some major changes and begin attacking the hackers responsible for the hacks. If people didn't abuse the hacks, none of today's stuff with the Vita would be happening. I get it, Sony is just trying to protect itself. But in the process, they hurt people like me. And that is reason enough for me to leave since I'm not their target base anymore.

When Sony has tried reaching out to the community, it hasn't been the best either. Sony's PlayStation Suite or whatever it's now called was poorly designed and limited us and developers too much.

So, Sony, this may be my last system with you guys. Actually, this may be my last Sony branded product. I'm just tired of not being able to do the things with products that I legally paid for. What's next is that you might try to make it so that I can't connect a non-Sony DVD player to one of your TV's, make third party accessories not workable with your phones, or whatever...this closed industry has got me looking into other areas away from what you have to offer.

And I'm not some kid that relies on everyone else to buy my things. I bought my PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable (actually bought a few of them), PlayStation Vita, and other Sony products with my own money. And considering how expensive each item was, why should I continue to shell out hundreds of dollars for a piece of hardware that I can't even legally own?

This is your last chance for people like me, Sony. Don't screw it up even more than you already have.

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