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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Successful Hack of Brain

Check out this link from a Seattle's CBS station.

According to the link, a group of scientists have successfully "hacked" the human brain to retrieve information and without the use of surgery and with technology available to the general public for around $200.

Crazy, huh? It's not as sophisticated as people may think.

Imagine asking someone a question and then having them write down the first thing that comes to mind. That's how it works. It's a lot like the famous Rorschach pictures that psychologists use to determine a person's inner thoughts. A Rorschach is simply a blotch of ink on a paper. In no particular order was it dropped or created. The paper is then folded in half to create the image that is there. The therapists asks the subject to view the pictures and say what they think the picture looks like. These pictures determine what kinds of thoughts a person may have. For instance, if a person sees someone being killed, they either saw a person being killed or they have a violent mind or something to that effect, get it? Of course, that's my basic understanding and explanation of a Rorschach with an unfinished degree in Psychology. Anyway...this device works like that.

They have had the subjects use the devices and display images and say words to the individuals that would cause them to think about things. They would say, "Bank", or something more specific like "Bank of America", and would be able to get the person to think of their PIN on their account or something similar to that.

Pretty scary, huh? I thought so. But still interesting.

The device in question is one that is used to command computers with thoughts from the human brain.

It's a pretty interesting story that I would recommend everyone check out.

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