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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Contacting Me

One of the great things about Blogger (the blogging service that I use to blog with) is that it gives me some tools to use that can help me understand deeper about my blog under the hood that most of you will never see unless I share that information with you. Such information given can relate to where viewers of my blog come from, which pages are the most popular, graphs that show growth of viewers over time, and even web searches that have brought viewers to my blog.

One that I often see has to do with this website known as "whois".

For many website owners, whois is a bit scary. Whois is, as I understand, an organization that handles online registration. Whois provides a database to the public about records pertaining to any given website. Often times, domain hosts like GoDaddy (who I bought my domains through) keep private information private and instead register information about their website in our details. For many people that try to find out who I am and where I am by using whois, they don't get very far because the IP address and location belong to Blogger which is located in Mountain View, California where Google has their servers.

But I've noticed that people have been searching my website domains on whois as they keep popping up. I'm not sure exactly why they are wondering where I am and who I am whether its innocent curiosity or something worse. But for anyone wondering about me, I am just a guy who blogs. I don't feel like my real name or whereabouts are really important, rather the information that I post about is what is important.

If people would like to contact me about my websites, ask me questions, or even, perhaps, buy my domains, you are free to ask your questions here on this or any of my blogs and I will, usually, be more than happy to answer your questions and talk with you. Of course I won't give you my real name, a photo, or tell you what street in what city I'm in, but I'd love to get to know you and hear your side of things.

For those who have been to my other blog, I did lock down the comments for a while because the comments were getting out of hand. I say that to say that I have my boundaries and do exercise them if I feel like I should.

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