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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook

For a while now, I've been wanting to remove myself from the various social networks. Reasons such as privacy have become an issue and wanting me to leave the website.

I deleted my MySpace about a year ago and deleted my Facebook around the same time. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not find a way to permanently delete my profile from the web except to temporarily deactivate it until recently. What had kept me coming back to Facebook was that I could just log in and all my information was there just as I left it as if I had never deleted it in the first place. After doing a little bit of research, I finally found my answer to permanently deleting my account and have bookmarked it just waiting for the right moment to do so.

Recently, I've just realized how dependent I've become on Facebook that I felt the urge to continually reach in my pocket to grab my Galaxy and check the latest in my news feed. When I deactivated it, I felt alone and odd. But now I've been staying away from the site and it's gotten to the point at which I viewed it once every 2-3 days. It's finally time to give up the addiction and I began that now.

Now, I'm sure you didn't come here to hear me tell about my personal story. So without further to do, here is the link to permanently delete your Facebook account for good
For whatever reason you may have, this is your ultimate solution. As directed by the link, you will have to wait 14 days until all of your information is permanently deleted from Facebook. If you log in before 14 days, you have the option to deny the request and keep your Facebook account.

For me, I decided that Facebook became too big of an addiction and needed to be gone from my life. On top of that, why share all of this information with people I barely talk to in person? Why do I continue to have people on my friends' list that I really don't care for? So, I deleted it.

For what reasons have you decided that it'd be best to delete your Facebook account?

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