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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Humble Bundle

For most gamers, especially those active on the computer, you are probably already aware of this awesome website but for those that don't know, I'd like to introduce you to it.

Humble Bundle is a website that allows people to donate whatever they want to whatever organization they want and get some awesome DRM free games out of it. How awesome is that?

My brother has been doing this for a while and keeps letting me know about the games as they become available but I have yet to participate. Perhaps next paycheck, I'll join the rest of everyone doing it.

For the most part, I just haven't contributed because I am always broke around this time. Really, you can pay $1 or whatever the lowest cost is, but I'd like to be someone different.

I used to download torrents and LimeWire every movie and music I "owned" until I began thinking about the economy and those involved in the making of these types of medias. And worst, I was never someone who went to concerts and always had others pay for me when I went to the movies. So I wasn't even contributing there. But I eventually began changing and decided that it was best to support them especially the ones that are just starting out or don't have a huge support.

In this same way and with this same attitude, I think about this effort. This is awesome and something that I and many others hope will not go away. To make sure that they continue doing this, let's make sure that we do our best to keep these people feeling happy. You don't have to be a top contributor by donating $1,200 but I mean maybe somewhere between the $5-$15 range, you know? If you can afford it, of course.

I aim to pay $15 next Friday. Is anyone else with me? Anyone tried one of these offers out? What do you think of the Humble Bundle?

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