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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Fixing' Something that isn't Broke - New Xbox Update

For some reason I can't sleep tonight, so I decided to play some games on my Xbox. However, I was greeted by a system update. After it was done, like most times, the new update felt foreign to me. Now I will probably get used to it in time but that's not why I'm talking about this as you can clearly see on the title. Not that I'm questioning Xbox or Microsoft but, why do we apparently need a new update? Though I appreciate their work constantly keeping my system up to date the new format just looks weird. I find it unusual whenever I see the very first Xbox format with the file folders and everything. After that it's just kind of a haze. I can't remember the update before my previous format or the update that came after the file folder. I know it's in the best interest to keep the menu easily accessible to those of us who are playing but is it really that necessary? I see it as more of a way to keep it fresh. I have kind of gotten bored of the previous format but this new one just seems a little bit unusual. First of it's basically just a rehash of the previous, following on the same 'squares' design keeping everything in a nice little square and just a tab away but in a more newer way. Sorry if this all seems confusing for you.

My brother keeps talking about how great the file folder format was like some bitter old man talking about "the good ol' days" while I am kind of embracing the new. Personally I just wish we had the option to switch back to the previous formats. I'm familiar with the others quite well and it just makes me feel like playing games is more of a chore because now I have to figure out the format of new menu. I have to find the way to get to my games or the market place, try not to be unnerved by the new gadgets that have been added. I hate to reiterate this again but I'm really proud that the Xbox's team is actually trying to make it better. The only problem is I don't see a real need to do so. Apart from a new format, if you don't download it you can't go online. If any Microsoft team members would like to tell me exactly what was changed and how it makes it better I'm totally up for it. I mean personally I would like to know what kinds of things were fixed and changed. I like to be up to date on my system as much as possible. If the new update makes my game playing more streamlined and easier then I'm all for it. But if it's an ascetic change I don't really see the need.

I don't know, that's just my personal view. If you'd like to comment I'd appreciate it. I'd like to know your thoughts on this update or just updates in general. I will say I do like the Xbox's updates far more than the PS3's. I don't know what Sony's doing but that is an insane download time. The biggest thing I've ever downloaded on my computer was a 20 gig game from Steam and even then that took about two hours whereas the PS3's updates can take almost five. Any Sony reps want to talk to me about that as well would be gladly appreciated as well.

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