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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Internet Bookmarks

When the internet was new and fresh in the late 90's, I only was able to use it at friends' houses and was limited, like everyone else, to using only Internet Explorer. While at home on my computer running Windows 98, I played around with Internet Explorer in the offline mode just to get a feel of what the internet experience must feel like to have it 24/7. It wasn't until very recently that I began utilizing many of the features that web browsers allow users such as bookmarks.

Everyone who has read a book has used a bookmark or at least made one while in elementary school. But using one for the computer? Almost unheard of to someone like me experiencing the net for the first time.

Now I use bookmarks often to track webpages for future reference. Obviously, that was one of their original intended actions from the very start. Perhaps blogging and using the web for practical means is what caused me to use bookmarks more than before.

In the early days of me using the net, which was 2005, I was using it just for MySpace and gaming with early flash games. I never got into using the web to search for answers to puzzling questions, connect with people who shared the same pet peeves as I, or to find out the answer to that math problem. Now, I use the internet almost exclusively for those reasons and more.

My current bookmarks include one to permanently deleting a Facebook account, a link to a popular Facebook app that is taken down, often, by Facebook staff, a tutorial for hacking the PS Vita, a Conservative blog that was referred to me, an Amazon link of a product that I desperately want, a link to a homework assignment, and a folder entitled "OAiNT".

For those wondering about the folder, I created it for the sole purpose of saving my web browsing history in the event that I need to shut down my computer or if my computer unexpectedly shuts down and Google Chrome (my browser) fails to load the last pages I was viewing. My tabs often include 18-24 tabs of internet web pages as I have some dedicated to Twitter, Facebook, my various e-mail accounts, this and my other blog, and a few other web pages that I am currently viewing.

"OAiNT" is an acronym that I created that means "Open All in New Tabs". In the event that I restart my computer or re-open Google Chrome, rather than individually opening 20 something new tabs and individually visiting each website "," I simply "right-click" this folder, and select "Open all bookmarks in new window". Presto! All of my webpages appear as if I never turned off Google Chrome.

For those interested, you can do this (I've tried in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) by holding "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "D" all at once which should bring up a bookmark box asking if you'd like to save these bookmarks. (CTRL+D brings up the bookmark menu for the current tab that you are sitting at) This is a great way to ensure that all of your interesting webpages that you have no time to view will be saved if something were to happen to your computer or the browser.

Who would've ever guessed that bookmarks could be so helpful? Do you use bookmarks? What's your main use for bookmarks?

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