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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Minecraft Update!

Today I launched Minecraft on my Xbox 360 to find that it had been updated with lots of new updates. One of the most anticipated being the creative mode. Other new features have been added which explains why the update has taken so long to be released. One of the other important updates has to do with the recent YouTube videos done by trolls who would "grief" on Minecraft users' created maps. The new setting makes it so that creators of maps can disable and enable select users to actually mine on the map. Other features have also been enabled to reduce the "grief" attacks.

If you've been waiting for creative mode, this is your time to jump into the Minecraft for Xbox 360 universe. I spent a few hours on maps just creating and blowing up stuff with unlimited TNT barrels. Trust me, fans of Minecraft will enjoy this new update. Trolls: not so much.

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