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Friday, October 26, 2012

Nintendo sues PETA

A while ago, PETA made a parody of Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokemon game and Nintendo has decided to act. If you haven't read one of my previous posts, PETA parodied Pokemon in a very violent and malicious way. Before this, they made two other games which caught the attention of Nintendo. The first was  Super Chick Sisters, a dual parody of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Super Mario Bros game. Later they parodied the New Super Mario Bros game with Mario Kills Tanooki. Nintendo responded politely to these. However, once PETA's Black and Blue came out, they felt the need to step in saying, "Nintendo and the Pok√©mon company take the use of our products and intellectual property seriously."

You may be asking yourself is it right for Nintendo to do this or if it's both ethical or even possible. You should note that PETA previously tried to sue Nintendo for their Star Fox game saying it was cruelty to animals. I say good for Nintendo. Finally it's time for someone to stand up to these people. Though it isn't plagiarism, it's definitely bringing a lot of attention to PETA and giving them money in the long run technically making them profit from someone else's work. I really hope the court case goes in favor of Nintendo.

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