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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Question about Spam in Your E-mail Boxes

I have tons of e-mails across various e-mail providers but I use Yahoo as my primary, the one that I give out to everyone and needless to say, it is filled with spam.

Which brings me to ask the question...does anyone else have a hard time dealing with spam in your e-mail box? And if so, are you using Yahoo Mail or a different provider? What ways have you found to eliminate this kind of clutter? How has your e-mail provider tried to accommodating you in dealing with spam?

For us on Yahoo, Yahoo Mail has designed a special box entitled "Spam" which contains known spam as well as suspected spam. Generally it is a good idea to check the spam folder before just deleting all of the contents. A few times, I've had people send me e-mails and I find them in the spam folder. Even more odd is that it will allow e-mails from someone, yet I don't mark them as spam, and the next time they send me an e-mail, the e-mail can be found in the spam folder. Perhaps another user marked them as spam between the two posts? I'm not sure, I just found it odd.

But on average, I can receive between 50-100 pieces of spam e-mail in a single day. I'd like to reduce the clutter somehow but marking mail as spam just sends them to the spam folder and allows the sender to continue sending me mail, but it ending in the spam folder.

Yahoo isn't the nicest e-mail provider either, they've been changing the system, cheapening know, so I'm not a very satisfied customer and would consider moving to another e-mail and using that as my primary. But I was wondering how other e-mail providers handle spam. I have other accounts on other websites, but don't receive spam enough to be able to see how that provider deals with spam.

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