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Monday, October 29, 2012

Restricting Facebook Friends from Viewing your Activity

Did you friend that close friend of your grandmother's? Did you friend that overly religious aunt who reads all of your posts and calls mom and dad when you talk about sex? Did you friend that person who feels a need to comment on all of your activity? The worst part is that you can't block or delete this person from your friends' what do you do? You don't want to delete your Facebook (if you do, check this link), you can't delete them or block them cause they'll find out or you don't want to hurt their what do you do? I have an answer that may help solve your problem.

Like you, I have friends and family on my Facebook friends' list that I cannot necessarily just get rid of and getting rid of my Facebook is near impossible.

Solution #1:
This is, perhaps, the easiest solution.

When you post your next status/share a video/picture/etc., do so just like you would at any time except hold up! Click this like in the picture below.

Click that thing just like inside of the red circle. Yours may say something different than mine like Public, Only Me, or Custom. Switch it to Custom. Even if its already on Custom, click Custom once more. This sort of box should pop up.

The blacked out box is one of the school networks that I belonged to, blacked out for my privacy. Near there should be various networks that you are linked to on Facebook. The place that you want is near the bottom where it has a red X and says "Hide this from". Below this, there is a box. Click that box and begin typing your Facebook friend(s)' name just as it appears on their profile. Below that box should be a list of names on your friends list that you can click. Either click the person's name when you see it. It will now be in the box and turn into a bluish box with an x beside it. This is good, this means that this person has been added and will not be able to view this current post. You may now add additional names if you'd like. Once you're done, click "Save Changes" and post your post. Easy enough, right?

Solution #2:
For some reason, solution one only worked once then went right back to where I was and allowed everyone to continue viewing my posts as before. After that, I'd have to keep selecting these peoples' names for each and every post that I didn't want them to see. What a pain, huh?!? Solution #1 may work for some people indefinitely. It worked for me for a while until I changed it. In that event or if you'd like this person to never see any of your posts and be sure they don't, I highly recommend this solution above #1. This option also allows the user to not be able to see old and new posts which Solution #1 doesn't do, to my knowledge.

While on Facebook, click the button near the top like in the below picture:

Again, information pertaining to me has been blocked for my privacy. The above blacked out box would be where your name is in the top right hand corner.

From this box, click "Privacy Settings".

Now, go down to the very bottom of this page to where it talks about "Blocked People and Apps". To its right should be a link that says "Manage Blocking". Click that.

Next, should be an entire area filled with names (hopefully you don't have any) names of people that you've blocked as well as apps towards the bottom that you've blocked. In the first paragraph should be something about adding friends to a restricted list. Click the only link there which should be this link. A dialogue box should pop up. In the only box provided, begin typing the name(s) of the Facebook friends that you don't want viewing your posts.

In doing so, this eliminates these people from being allowed to see any of your posts, both old and new regardless if you add them to that specific list in Solution #1 or not.

My setting is currently enabled to "Friends" only and restricted friends are not allowed to see my posts. However, I am able to see their posts still. I have two Facebook friends in that restricted list and neither have seen my posts on my timeline. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!...they have been able to see posts that I post onto other people's pages and fan pages. Be careful what you post there. This just makes sure that they can't see anything that you post onto your timeline. As far as what others post about you...I am unsure if they are able to see these or not. I tried tagging one of the restricted people into one of my posts but I don't think that she saw it.

I use these for myself but use these at your own risk. If you find anything contrary to what I've said above, PLEASE share with the rest of us in the below comments. They are greatly appreciated as they make the tutorial more helpful for everyone. Good luck!

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