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Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Great Ways to Promote your Website/Blog

I started this blog in April, 2012 and it has grown considerably. While you may not be able to see many comments and I'm not comfortable with sharing my actual numbers, I can assure you that the website is growing by the thousands little by little. The way that this website is growing is dependent on the fact that I am not very active here because I have a job, school, and other interests. Also, I don't feel like posting every day here, but if I followed each and every one of these steps, my website would be much bigger. How big? It all depends on many things such as events and other bits of news.

I've been keeping some of these secrets, but why should I keep them to myself? I'd like to share them with others and help others have success!

You probably came here because of a search engine. That was my intention.

First of all, I highly recommend you to make sure that your blog is accessible by all, if not all, most, search engines. If you use a service like I do, being Blogger, there may be an option in the settings to enable search engines to "crawl" your website to add it to their search engine. Make sure that is checked and enabled. If you are unsure, just simply visit your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, etc.) and type in your website/blog's name. Mine, I would type "wheneverifeellikeit" all one word just as I write it here. If you do not see it, your blog may not be listed and you may want to check your settings and/or contact your service provider (Blogger, etc) or domain handle (DSL Extreme, GoDaddy, etc.) and ask them to fix this for you.

Make sure to use keywords in your posts. Keywords can be many things that people may be searching for. On my other blog that deals with politics and religion, I try my hardest to stay with the political news and political events as soon as I can write about them. Even if my post seems to be nothing more than a copy of what the news is saying plus my personal opinion, I still strive to get to the story as soon as I can. When using keywords, remember to use as many synonyms as possible including different versions of the same name. Do not refer to the iPad as simply "iPad" throughout your entire post. Also refer to it as "tablet", "device", and other names you can think of. When referring to someone like President Barack Obama, use many differences of his name. "President", "Obama", "Barack", "Mr. President" many different names and ways to describe the man. What happens is that search engines crawl websites for words. When someone looks up "Barack", it searches the internet for the websites that use the word the most as well as which websites generate the most traffic. Websites, such as Facebook, will be first on the list because they have higher traffic coming to their website than others. However, ones, like a Obama fan-page, may be higher on the list because they have more uses of the word "Barack" than other websites do.

Use "free advertising" to your advantage. Now, free advertising is not what many think it is. It is not, necessarily, going to a website like Google Adwords to add your website to it. It is, more, going to a website like a forum to advertise. Many forums allow users to add signatures and allow members to add their blog/website/other to their signature. It is wise to register with forums that are in the same genre as your website/blog and using it to your advantage. Also, if the forum allows, link relevant posts to forum threads. For example, I have a few "how-to"s as well as a few posts that are lists like my popular "Galaxy SIII ROMs List". I have shared this link in a few posts to members looking for a few ROMs for themselves. If your blog/website is about news, be sure to create links to your recent posts about the news article if you start a thread. Or, if someone asks a question, there's an opportunity to share your post there too. Forums are a great way to share your blog, if not, the best way to do so. It gets you involved with the community eye-to-eye and helps people spread the word.

Something that everyone can do is share your website offline with friends and family. Encourage them to share the website/blog and visit regularly! Of course, only invite friends and family that would be interested. I wouldn't advise alerting friends and family to a blog that they may disagree with as it could pose more problems for you than help. Sharing your website/blog with someone else in person can also be a topic starter for someone brand new. Don't be afraid to impress that cute girl! Tell her that you run your own website. Share your link with her and encourage her to stop by. However, this could be problematic as it could not end well if your website/blog isn't too popular like mine. It could detract her from wanting to talk to you as well as possibly losing her completely from visiting your website more if you pumped up your website too much beyond what it really is.

Focus on positive posts more than negative ones. My blog on politics and religion has gained a huge amount of views but because I angered an entire group of people. This was good for a few weeks until they found something else to be mad about. Whereas here, focusing on positive posts like "how-to"s and news, has been more appealing to readers. You may be asking, "What are some positive posts?"

Positive posts can be just about anything. Tutorials, otherwise known as "how-to"s, are a great place to start. Find a problem, and provide a solution that you know about. Your solution is what matters but also how you deliver your solution is how well you will do. At first, do not be discouraged. Many of your readers will come only once or twice just for that one little bit of information and may not come back for some time. This is progress and just one of the first steps to building a strong website/blog, don't be discouraged, have patience. Other positive posts can be as simple as repeating the news of the day. Often times, my posts are just repeating one of Wololo's posts or something going on in the news like the new iPhone. Admittedly, these posts don't receive as much attention as first. These are posts that you can use, at first, to simply fill your own "quota" and develop your website/blog but these do not become useful until people begin looking for your website specifically or you develop a solid base of fans. I write these anyway because some of these posts get bigger as time goes on, and if your post has been there since day one and/or you continue to "update" it as news unfolds, you will receive more and more posts.

Use pictures! Most, if not all, of my referrals come from places like Google Images. Even if you don't have the best content, people will come to your blog/website if you have good, interesting pictures that they need to see. Try to be as unique as possible. The more unique and creative, the better your results. However, if you do borrow a picture, be sure to include the source from where you borrowed the picture from. Not doing so is not only morally wrong and illegal, but also gives you a bad name. If it's one thing that readers don't like, it's people who aren't original or claim to have something original that has been somewhere longer. Videos are good too, but interestingly enough, pictures gain more views when posted on your blog/website.

Above all, have patience. It takes time and lots of hard work to develop your website/blog. Make sure that you can stay enthusiastic throughout it all and remain calm and patient.

These are just a few of some of the free and easy ways to promote your website. What not to do?

Refrain from spamming. Spamming can be one of many things. Spamming can be posting your link in irrelevant places like on a website/blog that has nothing to do with your specific genre. It can also be posting often, over and over again in the same place with the same words. It's okay to post again and again in the same place (on different days), but it is not okay to post with the same exact words. It makes you look robotic and people like originality more than something that you continually copy-and-paste again and again. Also, make sure to not copy-and-paste the same exact words from website to website as it can catch up and have the same effect as posting on the same page again and again.

Abide by the rules of pages and don't do anything to make those people mad. By making a website mad at you, they may block you and prevent you from continuing to have a place to freely advertise your website.

Be kind and courteous and respectful. Be positive. Don't attack others or what others believe. Also, try to refrain from using profanity. Not everyone curses, and cursing may detract people from coming to your blog/website but not using profanity won't cause people to stay away from you.

Use common sense. Don't do anything that would upset you and don't do anything that you think may not work.

Consider this specific post, and only this post, as way to "practice" using your free advertising! By practice, I mean, feel free to comment below with your website/blog's link and ask me a question or explain what your website/blog is about. If you have anything extra to add, feel free to share that with us too! We would love to hear some of the great ways that you advertise your page.

Good luck to you guys out there with your blogs/websites!

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