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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Amazon AppStore

Android and Amazon have developed a unique and long-lasting relationship with one another. Everyone who follows up with the latest devices should be well aware of Amazon's Kindle tablet line but not everyone knows that Amazon competes with Google with its own appstore which is on the Android OS.

For many people who own Android devices from other countries like China, there is no real Android Market or Google Play Store as it has been removed. Attempting to install a borrowed Play Store.apk file onto one of these devices usually results in nothing happening. For many of these people, to get the latest apps for their Android device, here in America, they have no choice but to install the Amazon AppStore.

First, we had Apple's AppStore, then Google's, and now we have Amazon that has jumped in the game. They have been in the app game for around a year and a half now, if I'm not mistaken, which would surprise people as to why they'd do so well if they came so late. What usually happens when a new product comes into competition with others, is that certain incentives are given that the competitors either don't or can't afford to do. Amazon has a unique program which has been commonly known as "1 Paid App for Free per Day". I had known about this since day one of owning my first Android device, but never paid it much attention until one day when I desperately needed an app and couldn't afford it, one other member referred me to Amazon's AppStore and said that it was the free app given for the day. Ever since then, I and many other users, flood Amazon's servers to check what the new app for the day is.

I'm not sure what kind of deal Amazon has, but for 24 hours, one of the apps that they host for pay is listed for free. Users that "purchase" this app are allowed to carry that app with them wherever they go and download it to other devices as it remains in their purchase list as if they had actually bought it. The catch is simply that you cannot run one of these apps (unless somehow cracked) on a device without the Amazon AppStore installed and without the purchaser's account linked. For instance, you will not be able to get the free app and send it to your friends and let them use it because it won't work without the Amazon unique signature.

I highly recommend every Android user to check out this AppStore for themselves. The highly anticipated game, Jetpack Joyride, was on iOS devices for a few months until finally coming to Android. When it did hit Android, it first came to the Amazon AppStore and has now finally come to the Google Play Store.

To get this store, you can visit Amazon's website on your Android device or you can download Amazon's official market app and download the appstore from there. Once done, you will need to either create or log in to your Amazon account to download the apps listed. Every day, the free app of the day will be listed on the first page at the very top of the app's screen.

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