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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Facebook "Promote" Button

I saw this on the news a few nights ago and now it's a reality.

Some of you may be wondering what this new button is called "Promote" under some of the content you post to Facebook.

Facebook now allows users to upload content to Facebook and pay a fee to have their posts published at the top of the status line for special purposes. Other users will know when a user has "promoted" a post. Here's what happens if you click "Promote".

You will bring up the screen above that will allow you to add a credit card or pay using a PayPal account. The above text reads "Promote an Important Post: Now you can promote posts and move your important news, links and photos higher in news feed. This post will be marked as Sponsored"

What do you think of this button? Will you use it? Have you used it?

I think this may be a demise for Facebook. Imagine how cluttered Facebook will get. However, while it may anger some of its users, many of its users will still remain as they have with previous changes to the site. Facebook probably sees this as a win-win for them as it'll bring in some extra revenue. This may be the best way for aspiring bands, etc. to make their name big on Facebook all day long.

Is $7 too much for you? What price did you get?

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