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Friday, October 19, 2012

Update on Massive Spam E-Mails

In a previous post, I had briefly asked you guys, as the viewers, about your spam boxes within your e-mail accounts. I had said that I receive lots of spam e-mails on a daily, even hourly, basis and was wondering how well do you guys deal with spam and what are some great ways to combat this.

I've found an answer and it has been slowing down the e-mails. They haven't completely stopped, but I am getting fewer and fewer of them and it may be next to zero by the time that Christmas comes.

Since getting this e-mail account, years ago, I had been giving it out as my primary e-mail address to any and all sites that I could when asked. In doing so, I made a whole lot of people happy because of the spam they could send my way. It wasn't until recently that I began to notice that not all of the messages in my spambox are spam and some are very embarrassing if anyone were to look in there. Ads about "penis enlargement" come through and if anyone were to view my inbox, they might think that I'm ordering stuff because I'm insecure or whatever. Either way, I wanted to get rid of the true spam once and for all. Unfortunately for me, Yahoo! Mail doesn't have an easy way of blocking these senders. Rather, all one can really do is click "spam" and Yahoo! gets notified of this sender and sends their e-mail to your spambox.

What I have been doing lately has been working. It doesn't work on all e-mails, but most. If you get e-mails from private e-mail addresses, this method does not always work. However, if they come from a certain company, you can do this. Simply click "unsubscribe" at the very bottom of the page. Sometimes it's a link on a specific word, usually the word, "unsubscribe", and other times, the entire bottom of the page is the link and you click that. Some will ask for your e-mail address while others have included your e-mail address in the link to speed the unsubscribing process.

If you are like me, and you get tons of these e-mails on a daily basis and don't have time to keep typing your e-mail address in the box. To get around this, simply type your e-mail out in the box. Don't click the "Okay" button yet!! Now, on your keyboard, hold down "Shift" and use your arrow keys to highlight the entire e-mail address. Right-click or use that button between the right "Alt" and "Ctrl" button to access a menu and click "copy". The part about "Shift" can also be done by simply using your mouse's cursor to highlight the word too, although I find the "Shift" method much faster because your hands never leave the keyboard. Now, once you've copied your e-mail address, whenever you click "unsubscribe" in the spam e-mails and it asks for your e-mail address, just right-click in the box and select "Paste" or click the box and hold "Ctrl" + "V" together. Repeat as often as you need to speed the process.

Most unsubscribe links will tell you that you might continue to receive e-mail for the next 10 days or so, and this is fine. Most if not all, will continue doing it for a short period of time and eventually stop. If you do happen to receive more e-mails during that time period, simply unsubscribe with those e-mails too just to be sure and so you don't have to make a list detailing which e-mails you've unsubscribed and which ones you haven't.

My box is going down, but I still get lots of e-mails. This method has decreased that number by a lot but not completely. You may never come to the point where you have peace and quiet away from the spammers unless you block them which can depend on which e-mail provider you use.

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