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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Ops II Review - 8.5/10

I don't like shooters. I really don't. I'm even groaning as I say this. I will say this is the best Call of Duty game.

The Good:
Nice weapons. Finally I can unlock weapons for story mode! Guns feel responsive as well as varied. I never felt one gun was the same as another. At the same time, I kept switching weapons because it actually called for them but I wasn't bunkered down because I didn't use a certain weapon.
The settings aren't too bad.
Voice acting is decent.
The extra missions of the side with faux RTS feel were a nice break and I'm glad I wasn't forced into them.
I LOVE how there is no manditory code to play online. I repeat: NO MANDITORY CODE TO PLAY ONLINE! THANK YOU, ACTIVISION.

The Bad:
I hated having to switch between past and "future" missions. I get how weapons in the future are in the future but in sake of fun, why can't I have the awesome future weapons in the past?
The game seems disjointed if that makes sense. At times, I would run to an objective point only to have to wait there for a few minutes and then find out this objective point wasn't the objective and instead I had to run to that objective in a specific direction.
I loathe, LOATHE online play. I'm not good and the people on there are too good. I even kept my online extra code so I could be generous to the next guy who would want to play this game. Zombies are boring and almost impossible unless you're with someone via online or someone right next to you. Tranzit makes jack-shit sense to me but it actually became something more when there were others around.

The Meh:
The settings get bland after a while.
The choices are bland as well and hold little end to the over all story save the last choice to kill or let the bad guy live but actually it ends up the same in any scenario in the long run.

Buy this game if you want but it wasn't for me. Wasn't bad but I wouldn't buy it a second time.

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