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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gaming News

Recently, Bethesda announced that they are still working on the DLC for Skyrim for PS3. Not really news? Well it also has been stated that Bethesda is doing it's best to bringing Skyrim to the qualities of Sony's game system, which means DLC should not be far off. They have not released any solid information other than that they are working to bring Skyrim to the PS3 in a way so it can be actually playable.

In the news of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar has said that the game will feature three playable protagonists for GTA V. It can also be noted that GTA V's world is the biggest Rockstar has ever made so that's something to be excited for.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath now has a release date. For premium PS3 members, you will receive the expansion on 11/27 or in 19 days. Xbox 360 premium members will receive it a few days later on 12/04. Regular PS3 players will receive it on 12/11 and 360 members will get it on 12/18. Not sure why they would do this, maybe they just love PS3 players better or perhaps its a polar opposite to Skyrim's situation meaning PS3 has less issues for EA to deal with than 360 but that's just my own speculation.

Crysis 3, coming out February, has a new trailer for what they call Hunter Mode which you can watch on Youtube. I don't know though I'm kind of confused, the video description says it's Hunter Mode whereas the video says it's Hunter Edition but it really doesn't matter right now. Hunter (Edition/Mode) comes with an in game Predator Bow, Recon Arrow, Hunter Nanosuit Module, Level 5 XP Head Start and Three Exclusive Dog Tags all for the multiplayer. As an added bonus, if you preorder the game, you get a free digital copy of Crysis.

For all you Sims fans, Sims 3 Seasons Expansion pack is coming on the 13th which is bout five days from now. Preorder it and you will get some exclusive stuff. Details at

Watch Dogs is confirmed for a 2013 release. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is Ubisoft's new project in a futuristic world with shooting and cool science-y stuff that was unveiled at E3 2012.

In other news, Wreck-It Ralph did 'pretty good' on it's first weekend. How good? Almost 50 million opening weekend. A video game trailer has been released for the movie and there is even talk of a sequel.


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