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Friday, November 30, 2012

iTunes 11 Is Released

While my phone may be Android, my laptop Windows...I still prefer using iTunes above the rest and have for many years even after leaving behind iPods.

Today iTunes, more commonly known as iTunes 11, was released to the public. The new version brings about a new interface much different than the past versions that have pretty much stayed the same. I, liking the old, found a way to switch back to the classic scheme as best as I could and here's a screenshot for you to enjoy.

The icon also got a facelift.

I am liking the new look as it is definitely more modern and was in need of some new chrome-like feel, but in another way, I don't like the change. Of course, this will grow on us users in no time at all.

The biggest beef I have with the design is that my album art in the lower left hand corner is gone. I cannot find a way to get it back either. If you have found a way to get it back, it would be greatly appreciated.

Immediately after updating and restarting my machine, the interface really scared me. All of my music were just square blocks and there was no left hand menu like there is now and always has been for me. I grew up with that menu; Apple can't take it from me without me letting it go. So I re-added it and changed my song view from album to song list.

As for under-the-hood changes? The only ones that I can see seem to be with the Cloud. If you notice in the left menu, there are three clouds in the top three boxes. I have yet to actually join Apple's cloud service, but I assume that that is connected to it in some way. I am still adjusting to Google's Play Music cloud service and not looking to join any other services just yet (although Google DropBox has caught my eye). Some of the menu designs have changed and, oddly enough, the classic menu bar was removed. I re-added it as I use it continuously. You can also notice that the play/pause, forward, backward, etc. buttons have moved upwards above the classic menu bar. If you would like to re-add the classic menu bar like I did, you can do so by clicking Alt and then clicking View then going to the very bottom to click Show Menu Bar. Alternatively, you can simply do so by just holding Ctrl + B. Some people like the simplistic look, I don't. Those buttons are used often by me. I am noticing a trend where many programs are removing that classic menu bar including many Microsoft's own programs.

Would I go back? Nah. Will I? Nope. The design is not my favorite but it's okay and I realize that Apple is just trying to keep the experience fresh.

What do you think of the new interface? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Don't care? Are there any differences that you noticed that I didn't mention?

Update 12/2/2012:
Apparently, all music that you buy through the iTunes Store is available to you through their cloud. All of the songs that I bought through iTunes now show up as being in the cloud. I replaced my original screenshot with a new screenshot showing some of my purchased music. Previously, the music that was being shown was music that I uploaded into iTunes through a CD.

Clicking the cloud icon makes it appear grayed out then disappears. I think clicking that icon sends that song to the cloud to be enjoyed by any and all who want to and have access to your iTunes account.

I began deleting the ones with clouds beside them until I saw this message.

I am a bit confused, but it seems that if you delete that song from your library, it deletes it from iCloud.

I don't want these showing up in my library because they are showing up as duplicates. So if you're like me, I found the setting to remove these from your library.

Go to the menu bar, if it is not showing, click Ctrl + B. Go to Edit, then select Preferences. In this window, head over to the Store tab.

Just like in the screenshot, make sure that the "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases" is not checked. Doing so will remove all of your cloud purchases and make your library cloud free once again. It also removed the cloud icon next to the Music, Movies, and TV Shows tabs.

That is, perhaps, the safest way to remove your cloud purchases from your library to avoid duplicates like I was getting.


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