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Friday, November 9, 2012

Peter Molyneux's last project

Recently, Molyneux decided to hang up the towel of gaming after he makes one last game. He says he wants this to be his magnum opis and he and his team have a few ideas of what they want to do but nothing concrete as of late. He is most famous for creating Black and White (not Pokemon) and the Fable series which has mixed ratings.
Personally, I'm all for this. He has made some crap games but when they're good, they're very good. I think his last good game was Fable 3 (once you get past some of the annoyances) and I would love for him to make a new and better Fable game after the flop of Fable: The Journey or at the very least if he's not going to make another Fable to hand it off to another developer.

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