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Monday, December 31, 2012

Beware of E-mail Attachments

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a recent attack on one of my relatives from an e-mail. It's fairly easy to fall for these e-mail scams and severely destroy your computer.

Simply opening one of these e-mails while inside of your e-mail client (e-mail client is the place where you view your e-mails such as a program like Outlook or through your web browser). However, opening an attachment can invite harmful infections into your computer.

The one that my relative received was a fake IRS e-mail. She downloaded the attachment, and her computer was immediately infected with a terrible virus.

There is a common misconception that simply viewing an e-mail can give you a virus when that is not least as far as I've seen. It's when your computer actually downloads files that that is when your computer becomes vulnerable to attack.

I received a recent couple of e-mails from people about "Checking out my photos!". What was interesting is that the file appears to be a legitimate jpeg file except that it ended in a .zip instead.

.zip files are usually what contain these harmful files that will destroy your machine. .jpeg files usually can't simply because they are just files for pictures however they can also contain files attached to them that have viruses.

The best thing to do is to simply be cautious when viewing e-mails. Immediately click the spam button on obvious spam e-mails, do not open them if you can help it, and do not download attachments unless you are certain that the attachment comes from someone trustworthy that has not had their account hacked into. Also, beware of links listed in e-mails especially if those links are the only sort of content inside of the e-mail. Beware of bit links too as these can send you anywhere on the internet.

Many men may be looking for naked chicks to meet online, however, a large majority of the "free porn cams" and "meet ups" have been nothing but obvious scams. I've never followed through on most of them, but there are obvious signs that they are fake. You will find your own when you study each e-mail very closely.

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