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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Black Ops II is Finally Fixed

I haven't played on Black Ops II in over a week and just hopped on to find out that the online multiplayer isn't so laggy like it once was.

The topic was circling around Twitter and other places online about people complaining about the lag. My Kill/Death ratio was going lower and lower because of lags like forcing my character to pass through the same area multiple times until an enemy came from behind and killed me. The game is much more enjoyable now and actually playable. I had zero lags through the three rounds that I played with different players on different maps.

Upon launching the game, my Xbox alerted me that Call of Duty Black Ops II had a new update ready to be downloaded which I think was the fix needed.

How have your matches been? Have you been playing through the lags? Have you seen any problems since the update's release?

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